Virtual Local Community

Virtual Local Community
The Virtual Local Community offers you and your fellow PMI-WDC members and nonmembers free monthly brown bag luncheons from the convenience of your home, your office or any other location.

The Virtual Local Community provide educational opportunities, question-and-answers with the speaker and virtual networking opportunities, which occurs post-event.  Also, you receive one Professional Development Unit (PDUs) for your attendance.

The Virtual Local Community does require pre-registration, so you may receive the login information.

If you have questions, please contact

  • Lead the Change with Values NOT Feelings

    Have you seen a situation in your organization where a team member does not want to attend a meeting because he/she FEELS like not attending it? Have you also encountered circumstances where Team Members do not speak in front of stakeholders because they FEEL like not doing so? Have you also experience the behavior where managers demand the work to be completed by the team because they FEEL the need for the work to be completed ASAP? If you have answered YES to these questions, we invite you to join the talk on Leading the sustainable change by emphasizing on Values rather than feelings.

    Lead the Change with Values NOT Feelings

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