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  • Are you Reaching Your Potential?

    Are you reaching your true potential in life? According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the typical person is only working at 50 percent of his or her potential. Only 50 percent! I’m not sure if you remember from grade school, but that would be a failing grade. Let’s examine this a little more to see the components that contribute to this potential deficiency, and how we can remedy it.

    Bored Stiff. 

    A 2011 Gallup study shows that 71 percent of American workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged from their jobs, with highly educated and middle-aged workers the least likely to feel involved in and enthusiastic about their work.

    Are you Reaching Your Potential?

  • The Perks of Agility

    Are you a “doer” or a “planner”? If you are a “planner”, you know who you are. You probably have the next few weeks planned out in your day calendar, and may tend to get a little bit nervous if people throw a curve ball your way in the form of an unplanned event. If you are a “doer” you may like to have more freedom when it comes to your calendar, and would rather make plans as you go than be tied down to a pre-set agenda.

    Whether you are an all out planner, or a devoted doer, or somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, you are a valuable asset as a Project Manager. The fact is, both skills are crucial when it comes to project success. A good solid plan is needed to ensure organization, and the planned action items need to eventually be executed to create any value.

    The Perks of Agility

  • Finding Our Way Through the Gray

    In today’s society people are very sensitive to ethical conduct in business, and the reason is because we’ve been lost in a gray area where right and wrong are muddled behind corporate agendas. Bloomberg’s Businessweek’s article, Wall Streets’ Economic Crimes Against Humanity reveals just how lost in the gray we are. In this article, the authors define what led up to the mortgage crisis as a “…widespread abrogation of individual moral judgment.”

    So how does an entire industry of professionals who are smart, dedicated, and most likely good individuals, allow for the financial ruin of millions of lives in the form of bankruptcies and loss of pensions? It comes down to the classic debate – are humans inherently good or evil?

    Finding Our Way Through the Gray

  • Become a Master Negotiator

    Many of us enter into a negotiation with a sense of fear or intimidation. No one wants to get burned. Stereotypically, our culture has given us images of robotic business types in power suits winning the day with stealth negotiation techniques. The meek losers fade into the shadows with little but regret.

    Those stereotypes tend to depict negotiation as a battlefield, complete with bloodshed and victors. Instead, successful negotiation is more like a party—everyone wants to collaborate and have a good time. It is an exchange that will ideally result in both sides coming away from the table feeling honored and satisfied.

    Become a Master Negotiator

  • The Age of the Project Manager

    Optimally, you started your day today by getting up, having breakfast, driving to work while finalizing your appointments on your cell phone headset, and arriving on-time, refreshed and ready to go.  Now imagine you wake up and there is no food in your house. You walk out to start your car and the engine makes a horrible noise and dies because you forgot to get your oil changed. You take a taxi to work so that you won’t be late, and you realize that you forgot to charge your cell phone. Which type of morning sounds more appealing to you?

    The Age of the Project Manager

  • Demonstrating the Value of Your PMO

    Hundreds of articles have been written about establishing and improving the Project Management Office (PMO). So why is it that Gartner Research Group reports that PMOs frequently experience a 50 percent failure rate? The answer is not only in the setup of a PMO, but the constant maintenance and ceasing any carried work that is no longer valuable.

    Cheetah Learning performed their due diligence to research how to maintain a successful PMO in the creation of the 60 PDU Cheetah PMO ( online course, and we’d like to share what we learned with you.

    Demonstrating the Value of Your PMO

  • Project Success- Without Going Broke

    It is March 2011 and the US Government has yet to approve its budget for the current fiscal year.

    Costs are rising, budget surpluses are scarce, and growing inflation makes a mockery of the little money that we actually do have available for projects.  While some people view this situation as a period of stagnation and a time for victimization, many companies and project managers are using this as an opportunity to become experts at doing more with less.

    Project Success- Without Going Broke

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