Robert Godbey, PMP, MCP, CNE

Robert Godbey is a problem solver with diverse management experience, including owning businesses, responsibility as a program manager for one of the big-three management consulting firms, and as chief operating officer of a smaller New York City area consulting firm and the Information Systems Director for a city. He has particular expertise in:

Planning: strategic planning, crafting business plans, marketing plans, feasibility studies, economic impact and project plans including using project software
Facilitation: formally trained to facilitate sessions of diverse groups and large groups, including accelerated project definition (design), consensus planning and rapid decision-making
Innovation Projects: researching, designing and implementing new solutions involving new ways of working and new technology where tests, pilots, training and managing unknowns are required. This includes designing new products, new services and startup companies
Technology Projects: Successfully led projects to implement learning technology, database systems, strategic information systems plans, enterprise resource planning (ERP), general software selection, citywide network design, and software development


Rob is a native of Charleston, West Virginia and has a degree in physics from the University of Michigan. He dropped out of graduate school in physics to start his first business and has worked with many types and sizes of organizations.

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