Eric "Doc" Wright, PhD

Vets2PM, LLC

Eric “Doc” Wright, PhD Doc Wright is the founder of Vets2PM, LLC, a specialized training and placement company that helps transitioning military Service Members and Veterans achieve meaningful, lucrative post-service careers. He is also the co-founder of the 501(c)3 Veteran Project Manager Mentor Alliance; an Amazon #1 Best Selling author; and he has been featured on dozens of podcasts such Screw the Naysayers, the Zen Veteran, Getting2Hired, and The US at Work. In only five years, they have helped thousands of military Veterans transition between two of the most disparate organizational cultures around; the U.S. military and Corporate America! Vets2PM has placed veteran clients into 500+ companies across the U.S. and was a 2019 Department of Labor Gold Medal Awardee for their Veteran hiring initiatives! If your organization is, or will be conducting any future organizational change projects, make sure you’re familiar with People Up

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