Action Item for all PMIWDC Members

Message from the Chapter Chair - January 2012 eNewsletter

In reviewing our annual PMIWDC Member Survey, we received feedback that some members failed to take advantage of their benefits.  This includes a gap in awareness and participation in PMIWDC Chapter events.  

PMIWDC provides a plethora of opportunities and information venues for our Chapter Members to network, stay current, increase project management knowledge, and obtain PDUs.  PMIWDC is proud of our ability to offer a wide range of professional activities and member services.  

Darla Howard-Ramirez My vision for PMIWDC in 2012 is to provide timely and helpful information to:


  • encourage continued member growth
  • engage existing members to utilize more Chapter services
  • connect with local government and community employers to recognize PMIWDC as a key professional partner

Perhaps the best benefit of attending our Chapter events is the opportunity to network with professionals that recognize project management as a key business skill.  PDUs are an added plus, and provided at many events.   The collection of Professional Development Units (PDUs) reflect our activities to stay current and hone our PM skills.

I urge you to get more from your membership by discovering benefits you may not be familiar with, or have yet to use.  If you scan through our website, you will see a variety of Chapter events and information available to members.  

For example:




Did you know the February and March monthly dinner meetings will be held at the Crystal City Gateway Marriott, a metro accessible location?

Did you know that you can post your resume and search open jobs?

Did you know PMIWDC is on LinkedIn?

Did you know members can review the past monthly dinner meetings via our web site for 1 PDU?

Did you know that there are numerous, geographically dispersed, luncheon events providing PDUs?

This small sampling proves the opportunities are there!  You must decide what works best for YOU!

Details on these benefits and other useful information is available through PMIWDC newsletters, social networking, and our web page, including the Events tab and Member Benefits tab.  I encourage you (at least once a year) to familiarize yourself with our PMIWDC web site and a review of your Member Benefits.

To support this member benefit review activity, as members of the PMIWDC Professional Project Management community, I am assigning the following Action Item:

Participate in at least 1 new PMIWDC Chapter service or activity before June 2012.

PMIWDC is a premier Chapter that provides many opportunities for growth, networking, and of course, PDUs.  I challenge you as members to complete this action item and discover how striving for personal improvement, makes PMIWDC a better professional community.  

I challenge each member to take responsibility in refreshing their Project Management skills and staying current in the discussion of advancing our profession.  

I am honored to serve as your Chair for 2012 and look forward to your continued PMIWDC member use and support.

Darla M. Howard-Ramirez, PMP
2012 PMIWDC Chair & CEO



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