PMI CEO Sunil Prashara Visit to DC


PMIWDC board members welcomed Sunil Prashara, President & CEO at Project Management Institute last month for dinner in downtown D.C.

We were excited to meet Sunil! He had been on the job just two months and was visiting the largest chapter in the world! The board shared the chapter's strategic vision and plan for the next 5 years.  Sunil shared his strategy and where he sees PMI heading in the future. In his Facebook live chat with Uma Hiremagalur, VP Technology, he talked about his 6 priorities :

1) More Communication - two way communication

2) Digital Transformation - about 30 projects underway and coming close to an end and should be showing value to everyone

3) Globalizing - get away from being  U.S. Centric, to embrace other cultures, more to come later around this.

4) Brightline – Program with the Chief Strategy Officer(CSO) to draw the line between ideas and reality, double clicking on it to make sure we have content and capability to have more structure and how we can work together

5)Strategy - PMI 2.0 where we can be 5-6 years from now, PMI 4.0 vision and after EMEA LIM

6)Products - PMP showcase product, Portfolio, Program, accreditation in Agile. Some products have not landed as much as we would have liked and so we will review them to see what needs to be refreshed.

Sunil emphasized his goal to make Project Management an “essential role in every engagement where we are first to come on a project last one to get off.”  Mentoring and getting feedback from everyone globally are also his key focus. Another interesting concept he shared called “reverse mentoring” which provides an opportunity to hear from the Next-Gen PMs.

Stay connected : Sunil also sends out an email called "Straight Talks with Sunil" you can also view the latest episode here on PMI.  He will be double clicking on his priorities and providing updates on the progress.

Thank you Sunil for sharing your time with us!

On behalf of the PMIWDC Chapter and Board,

Uma Hiremagalur

Serving as VP Technology & PMIef Liason

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