New Credential Holders in January 2017

Congratulations to these 42 new credential holders in January 2017!

Jay Aanrud, PMP
Jay Aber, PMP
Robin Adams, PMP
Michael Adams, PMP
Sibley Barnes, PMP
Nancy Baskin, PMP
Mark Blose, PMP
Nall Bogart, PMI-ACP
Arthur Bornschein, PMP
Amy DeCantis, PMP
Marcus Greene, PMP
Ronald Gustafson Jr, PMP
 Han, PMP
Kevin Hastings, PMP
Brian Hong, PMP
Jason Houghton, PMP
Jim Humble, PMP
Shirley Jinks, PMP
Matias Kennedy, PMP
Timothy Kizzie, PMP
Natalie Komajda, PMP
Jeffrey Lavell, PMP
Christopher McPhee, PMP
Carolyn Murphy, PMP
marlys norby, PMP
Chinmay Pande, PMP
Elisabeth Pegnato, PMP
Darin Pepple, PMP
Christine Redon, PMP
Michael Repetski, PMP
Michelle Rodgers, PMP
Haris Shafiq, PMP
Julienne Sharps, PMP
David Sosa, PMP
Katherine Stone, PMP
Claudia Useche, PMP
Brian Wenzler, PMP
Rufus White, Ph.D., PMI-RMP
Kevin Wiggs, PMP
Gary Williams, PMP
Michelle Wisbey, PMP
Alison Yun, PMP

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