Good things happen when you connect with PMI

Good things happen when you connect with PMI

As we are planning for our LIMC 2019 Graduation, it’s a good time to share what this journey has meant for me and PMI’s investment in cultivating volunteers and exceptional leaders for the future

What is LIMC? How LIMC works:

A leadership development program for chapter leaders who aspire to develop their leadership capabilities and are committed to applying this knowledge for the betterment of PMI, their chapter and the project management profession. PMI LIMC is a year-long learning opportunity that is part of PMI’s continuing efforts to cultivate volunteers. This program is designed to provide intensive training and development in leadership techniques, strategic and business management practices and other key skills applicable to volunteer, career and interpersonal development. Here is the link to more information

Master Class | PMI


Our class is comprised of 30 chapter leaders from across 20 countries globally. The talented and diverse group of leaders learn and grow as a cohort during the entire year. We started at NA LIM 2018 where we were immersed in leadership workshops that infused us with energy, knowledge, and geared us with tools, strategies to help us begin the journey. All year we have kept in touch with our learning groups and continue to learn via virtual workshops led by eminent leaders and PMs. At our mid-year meeting we decided to give back to community via an exciting project.

Project Management for Social good - 

The entire LIMC 2018-19 participated a service project with Bethesda Project at Sanctuary Residence, Philadelphia. We donated $800 in cash and much needed supplies.

Here is a what the Director of Operations, Elizabeth had to say –

Hi Uma,


On behalf of Bethesda Project, and specifically our Sanctuary residents, thank you so much for your leadership and the dedication and hard work of the PMI volunteers! This was the largest volunteer group that we’ve ever hosted at this site and it was a learning experience for all of us. Because of the positive attitude and willingness to do whatever was proposed, your group was able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. We’ve now got some fresh paint, holes have been patched, the transformation is underway for a new office space, and lots of surfaces were swept and wiped to increase overall cleanliness in the house. Aside from your service projects, we are overwhelmed by your generosity with respect to your donations – sheets, toiletries, and clothing are always in high demand and will be put to use immediately across our 14 sites and locations. Your various gift cards will be used as prizes for community social gatherings and will also be used to supplement needs of people experiencing homelessness.

 We are incredibly grateful and would love to host your group again in the future. Thank you for being part of the Bethesda Family!


LIMC is definitely a positive learning experience for PMI volunteer chapter leaders who are committed to advancing the profession. I’m so honored to be a part of this family serving as leaders and spreading LOVE one project at a time around the world!

Uma Hiremagalur, PMP                                                                                       Serving on the Board of PMI Washington DC Chapter VP Technology & Chapter PMIef Liason

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