Finance Update

A featured article by Sara Anderson, AVP Financial Management


One of this year’s Nobel winners in Economic Science is noted for demonstrating how knowledge is a critical component to long-term economic success. I will not pretend to understand the complexities of Paul Romer’s endogenous growth theory, but at its most basic, he recognizes the importance of ideas and innovative thinking. 

Of course, we embrace that philosophy at PMIWDC. Within the finance group specifically, we are always looking for ways to improve processes and drive growth for the organization. As the new VP Finance, I am fortunate to inherit a solid operational system of action and oversight from the former VP and our upcoming COO, Jonathan Reynolds. His management of the finance area over the last four years introduced automation and standardization that allows us to benefit from increased efficiency and transparency. 

The PMIWDC finance group works with the other operational areas in the organization to set workstream budgets so that we can continue to deliver what you want as members -- valuable programming, best-practice sharing, continual learning and the events that allow our community of professionals to flourish. We manage the incoming and outgoing payments, follow GAAP accounting principles, file the organization’s taxes, comply with a thorough annual audit, and work to invest reserves responsibly to meet long-term expectations.

None of this can be sustained without our member base and the vigorous support of volunteers within it. Our finance team consists of project management professionals with a broad range of experiences, skill sets, and interests. We are volunteers -- we have a skydiver, a state capital enthusiast, avid travelers, foodies and wine connoisseurs among us to make our outings interesting.  There is no Nobel winner yet, but in the interim, we welcome new joiners with fresh ideas.

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