Final Slate for the 2018 Election

Final Slate for the 2018 Election

2019/2020/2021 Board


The following positions are available to be filled.

  • VP of Finance
    • Sara Anderson, PMP
    • Jeff Hubert, PMP
  • VP of Membership
    • S M Mumtaz Ahmad, PMP
    • Richard Perry, PMP
    • Aravin Rangarajan, PMP
  • VP of Programs
    • Norelis Florentino, PMP
    • Swarup Kurella, PMP

Vice Presidents (VP) shall have had previous service to a Chapter as a VP, Assistant VP, Event Project Manager, or Committee Chair prior to installation and shall be elected by the general membership for a term of three years.  Terms shall be staggered such that elections are held for one-third of the VPs each year.  An individual may not hold the same VP position for more than two consecutive terms.


VPs shall exercise accountability and responsibility on matters of governance and oversight in the best interest of the membership, ensuring that activities and decisions align with the Chapter charter, bylaws, vision, mission statements, and strategy.



VP Finance

Job Title: VP Finance

Function: Financial Leadership

Role: Operational Leadership

Reports To: Chair

Term: 3 years      Work Hours Per Month:   30+

Number of Direct Reports:  2+


Position Overview:


Membership elected volunteer leader responsible for overall financial oversight of the chapter. Manage the chapter accounting and financial matters and serve as trustee of management reserves.

Sara Anderson, PMP Sara Anderson

PMIWDC Experience: 

Serve as PMIWDC AVP (September 2016-present), working with the VP Finance, Jonathan Reynolds and fellow volunteers, to streamline documentation and support the operational process for the PMIWDC Budget.

Position Statement:

I am a seasoned project manager with 20 years of experience in the financial industry working with external clients.  My current firm is a leader in the technology space, providing a robust wealth management platform for financial advisors.  In my role, I enjoy the planning and execution of complex projects, which depends on working well with internal and external teams, managing accurate documentation to track project progress and keeping my executive stakeholders informed.   The skills that I bring to my firm benefit PMIWDC and would continue to do so going forward as a volunteer, primarily my ability to 

  • understand short and long-term goals
  • analyze and prioritize tasks
  • execute with alacrity and transparency
  • collaborate successfully with others
  • communicate clearly and regularly

Additional comments I would like to make:
Jonathan Reynolds has been an inspirational leader and guide and has helped me understand the current budget process and workflow.  If selected, I will maintain the structure and operational cadence that has been implemented during his tenure.

Jeff Hubert, PMP Jeff Hubert

PMIWDC Experience:

I currently serve as the military liaison for the PMIWDC Military Outreach Program. I have served in this position for over a year. In this position, I have been invited to attend several PMIWDC board meetings as well as speak at the combined regional LIM.

Position Statement:

I would like to be considered for the position of PMIWDC VP Finance. I meet all of the requirements for this position. I would like to highlight the following that best supports my abilities to execute the duties required of this position.

-  I currently serve as the Military Liaison for our PMIWDC Military Outreach Program. I have been working with this program for almost two years and leading it for over a year. This role has provided direct opportunities to work with the PMIWDC board. Through this relationship, I have gained a great appreciation for the amount of dedication and effort required to maintain the gold standard which PMIWDC has established. I have developed relationships with our PMIWDC board members, and I understand our mission, strategy, and requirements to execute both. Additionally, I have good relationships with PMR to get these accomplished and PMI for support.

-    While not a formally trained accountant, I have worked in project management budget controls for the past fifteen years. Additionally, I was the president of a small manufacturing business. While in this position, I became intimately familiar with enterprise resource planning systems, including balance sheets, accounts receivable and accounts payable. I also learned the importance of communicating within the finance team, audit readiness and building a good relationship with the audit team. 

-    I am currently a senior manager with EY (formerly Ernst & Young), managing a program for DoD risk transformation. I have advanced capabilities with spreadsheets and databasing.

Thank you for your consideration 

VP Membership:

Job Title: VP Membership

Function: Membership Retention, Satisfaction, and Growth

Role: Operational Leadership

Reports To: Chair

Term: 3 years         Work Hours Per Month:  30

Number of Direct Reports:  Varies (2-5)


Position Overview

Membership elected volunteer leader responsible for addressing the needs of chapter membership, including member recruitment, retention, and associated value delivery in accordance with chapter policies and bylaws.


S M Mumtaz Ahmad, PMP Mumtaz Ahmad

PMIWDC Experience:

PMI member since 2002, PMIWDC Member since May 2017.
Founder Member of PMI KPC, VP Membership of PMI KPC for one term. President PMI KPC for two terms.

Position Statement:

Mr. S M Mumtaz Ahmad, PMP is a teacher, a project management trainer, and a course developer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in Instructional Design. He had been a practitioner of Project Management for over two decades. He has served in multidisciplinary industry in senior positions for over 3 decades. He is a PMI Leadership Institute’s Alumnae of 2008. A PMI Member since 2002, he had been VP Membership of PMI Karachi Chapter for one term and its President for 2 terms. Since 2017 he is living in Bethesda, Maryland permanently and is a member of PMIWDC

The synergy of these roles and canvas of his professional and personal experience can bring exemplary growth to the membership area of PMIWDC

Richard Perry, PMP Rich Perry

Position Statement:
Membership is the heart of any organization and at over 10,000 members strong PMIWDC is an invaluable career resource for project managers at any career point. I’m volunteering to serve as your Vice President of Membership because I want to do my part to help deliver value to each of you. 

As a PMIWDC member for over five years, I believe strongly in the chapter and its potential value to everyone. Our members have different needs and we need to ensure that the chapter responds to all of them. I’m ready to meet the unique challenges presented by our membership size and chapter location.

After serving three years on the PMIWDC member retention committee, and the last two as your Assistant Vice President for Retention, I’ve learned that communication is key. I will do my best to serve as an advocate to deliver the best value possible for all. 

I am PMP and PMI-RMP certified with more than thirty year's leadership experience in guiding teams in the development of operational and technical solutions in both the U.S. and Europe. Currently a project team lead at SAIC, I have gained experience managing complex projects supporting government clients for over a decade. Prior to joining SAIC, I was a career nuclear submarine officer who held leadership positions of increasing responsibility on various shore staffs but am most proud of my service on four nuclear submarines that conducted operations in the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets.

Aravin Rangarajan, PMP Rangarajan

PMIWDC Experience: 

•    Chapter Member since 2010 
•    01/2014 – 12/2015: Volunteer Meet & Greet
•    07/2015 – 09/2015: Operations Committee, PM Symposium 2015
•    01/2016 – 12/2016: AVP of New Members
•    03/2016 – 10/2016: Project Manager, PM Symposium 2016
•    02/2017 – 09/2017: 5-year Strategic Planning Committee 
•    02/2018 – Current: Board Transition Committee
•    01/2017- Current: VP of Membership, PMIWDC

Position Statement:

Aravin Rangarajan is a seasoned information technology leader with more than 17 years of professional experience in leading and managing technical teams. Since his passion was in the field of Project Management, He became a member of PMI and DC Chapter in 2010 and has been volunteering since then to learn more about the field of Project Management. Since joining PMI he got interested in the field of Project management and got his certification in Jan 2014. The month he got his certification he started volunteering in the DC chapter as a Meet and Greet Volunteer. He has also volunteered the yearly events such as PMIWDC Symposium. He has served in the board in many positions including serving as Project Manager for the annual PM Symposium and AVP for New Members. He has also worked with other leaders within the chapter in various committees that the defines the future of the chapter with keeping members interest first. Over the last 2 years, as a VP of Membership, he has increased the membership from 10,200 to 10,700 and increased the retention to 70%. Under his leadership, the overall satisfaction has increased by 10% YOY. He feels his overall experience as a project manager and his experience as a volunteer with the chapter would make him a good candidate for another tenure of VP of Membership. He also feels his goals aligns with new vi2sion of the chapter and would seek an opportunity to serve on the board.

VP Programs:

Job Title: VP Programs

Function:  Education and Networking events

Role: Operational Leadership

Reports To: Chair

Term: 3 years’      Work Hours Per Month:   50+

Number of Direct Reports Varies (3-6)


Position Overview

Membership elected volunteer leader responsible for managing recurring educational and networking events that provide value to PMIWDC members and the project management community in the Washington DC metro area.


Norelis Florentino, PMP  Florentino

PMIWDC Experience:

  • Programs PM Talks Chair – January 2017 – February 2018
  • AVP Evening Programs – March 2018 - Present

Position Statement:

I’m qualified for the PMIWDC VP of Programs position because of my educational background, professional experience, and involvement with several PMI chapters. I have a B.S in Engineering from the University of Central Florida, an MBA from the University of Florida, and expect to have a Masters in Project Management degree from Georgetown University in 2019. I am a licensed engineer, a PMP, and have an ITIL certification. Professionally, I have served as a Project Manager in the software development industry for 5 years. I have 10+ years of experience in organizing, teaching, and marketing software workshops nationally and internationally. I was selected to be the Project Management Community Leader at a software company. I developed a worldwide team of PM champions, increased the community membership, and helped members meet, learn, and collaborate. In addition, I have been involved with several PMI chapters. I served as the Fort Mill Satellite Leader for the PMI Metrolina Chapter and organized/led local meetings to help PMI members meet their PDU requirements. I was a member of the PMI Baltimore Chapter. At the PMIWDC Chapter, I served as the PM Talks Chair and I’m currently serving as the AVP of Evening Programs. My goal as the PMIWDC VP of Programs is to provide more value to members to increase chapter membership and participation. 

Swarup Kurella, PMPSwarup


PMIWDC Experience:

  • AVP Special Programs since August 2016
  • Volunteer for M2D2 Luncheon in Washington DC, since 2007

Position Statement:

I have been associated with PMIWDC since 2007, and I’ve been volunteering for various activities that include monthly luncheons, seminars, and other events downtown. In August 2016, I was nominated for the board as the AVP Special Programs which gave me an opportunity to organize three major events such as the PM in the AM series, PM Saturdays, and University PM Talks at GWU and Georgetown. My role was to build strong teams to work on these programs and make them successful. I also engage with speakers, reserve locations, arrange food, and coordinate with the marketing team to get registrations for these events. I continue to enjoy organizing events and feel extremely thrilled to be part of many successful programs. Over time, at work and in my other activities, I’ve mentored teams and guided many young professionals to overcome challenges. I share my knowledge and receive input from my team members that fine-tunes and improves the processes.

With a Master’s degree in Engineering, I’ve been a Project Manager for 20 years and currently work as an IT Program Manager consulting with the federal government for more than 12 years. In my job, I interact with the executive leadership to work on providing solutions to complex business problems. 

I look forward to taking up leadership positions both at work and at community service organizations which elevate my passion to do meaningful work.

Personal background I would like to share:

I live in Virginia with my wife Priyanka and our three lovely daughters. We frequently go hiking, on long walks, and running. I enjoy music and watch movies in my free time. I’m also associated in leadership roles with a few other organizations including Sewa International and Na-mama Foundation where I volunteer with my family. 


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