Featured Board Article - November 2016 Newsletter

Celebrating the Power of Volunteerism – With Deep Gratitude and Appreciation!

A featured board article by Priyank Shah, VP Volunteer Coordination

Priyank Shah, VP Volunteer Coordination

The dedication, commitment, and the drive to give back to the community that our volunteers bring, is contagious and inspirational! We are proud to be able to use the skills we have acquired in our professions to support volunteer causes, which aptly reflects in our philosophy of becoming and serving as – High-Impact Community Leaders.

We are thriving and succeeding, and this is possible because of the selfless dedication and professionalism of our volunteers that chose to give their most prized possession – their personal time and expertise, to the cause they support, this indeed is a sacrifice that makes us all stronger.

2016 Volunteer Support Highlights

It is only fitting that I take time to share some stats and mention a few events and accomplishments from our operational areas to emphasize the work that they have put in throughout the year, guided by an all-volunteer crew of immense talent and integrity. Starting from some of the high-profile events such as the PM Symposium, where we had over 300 attendees, 18 sponsors, 15 amazing speakers and all of this great work was accomplished by a team of 35 dedicated volunteers.

The Honor Ride cycling event was a new addition to our repertoire, led by our Networking operational area, where we partnered with Ride 2 Recovery in support of our active service members and injured veterans as a show of solidarity, as well as to support their fundraising efforts. The event was supported by over 60 volunteers and raised $14,600, far exceeding our target.

The volunteers of the Local Communities operational area are truly the unsung heroes of our chapter! This group that is made up of over 80 volunteers, organized and supported over 160 events across 21 Local Communities spread throughout the DC Metro area. These events are no cost networking and educational events that continue to expand the chapter’s footprint, and awarded over 7500 PDU’s to the event attendees in 2016. By the end of this year, over 6500 attendees would have attended one of the LC events, a truly remarkable exercise in planning, organization and execution.

We are constantly innovating and measuring ourselves against our strategic objectives and operational goals to maximize the positive impact of our activities on our members. A prime example of seeing some of these ideas in action is to look at our new format “Chapter Talks” events, and other partnership based events such as the Volunteer Fair, that look to further expand the footprint of volunteerism and connect non-profits with an active volunteer population based on their interests beyond project management. The Volunteer Fair recruited over 100 volunteers for 15 Non-profit organizations.

Volunteer Coordination Operational Updates

We made a great deal of progress and stayed on target with our operational goals and strategic objectives. Notable highlights include:

  1. Establishing an SLA of 2 Business days to turnaround all new position requests from OAs.
  2. Developing and operationalizing reporting metrics on volunteer recruitment and hiring activities.
  3. Developing “Super User” level expertise with VRMS system to ably support all OAs.
  4. Streamlining recruitment and onboarding processes.

Update on Future Plans

As we look towards the coming year, we are planning to introduce a number of new initiatives in 2017 to ensure we are diligent and just as committed in creating programs that focus on appreciating and recognizing our volunteers on their many achievements.

We are taking a bold first step towards this goal by rethinking and refocusing our annual volunteer appreciation event that his coming up on December 8, making it a true celebration of our volunteers’ efforts over the year. We are looking to bring our volunteers back in a relaxed environment for some camaraderie, sharing of war stories, networking with their peers and reminiscing about the year that it was. No more formal speeches or certificate collection beelines, instead we will have a DJ and a party!

In 2017, we are also looking to further step up our volunteer recruitment efforts in support of the eleven operational areas within the PMIWDC chapter. We will continue to leverage PMI’s global Volunteer Relationship Management System that is available to our chapter at no cost, and continues to add features that benefit overall volunteer community.

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, please make sure to check out the openings posted within the VRMS system, which can be accessed through the “Volunteer” menu option from PMIWDC.org homepage.

You can also reach out to our team at Volunteers@Pmiwdc.org with any questions that you may have about volunteering with the chapter in general, or any specific opportunities we have available.

A special shout out to my own team members, your contribution and collective wisdom is what drives us forward. Sincerely appreciate your help!

We look forward to working collaboratively and serving the chapter as a team in 2017!

Happy Holidays!
Priyank Shah
VP Volunteer Coordination

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