Featured Board Article - May 2017 Newsletter

Professional Development Operational Area Offers both in-Person and New Virtual Programs in 2017!

A featured article by John Pan, VP Professional Development

John Pan, VP Professional Development

Hello and Welcome to PMI-WDC! As the name implies, the mission of the Professional Development committee is to provide and support members with opportunities to further their professional skills development, including project management, and soft skills. For PMPs, this means we provide opportunities to earn professional development units (PDUs). In 2016, the four PMIWDC Professional Development programs met the needs of over 500 members, providing over 4000 PDUs. In 2017, we have expanded our brand to include Agile ACP prep Training Bootcamp Courses, plus our Educational Seminars, Mentor Protégé Program (including Military Liaison support), and PMP Prep Courses.

Launching New Virtual Course offerings in 2017

Catering to those PMPs On-The-Go in 2017, we are piloting 3 of our class offerings on the Internet with virtual class training for PMP prep, Agile ACP and Enterprise Risk Management. These courses are scheduled for rollout in 2017. They are not just your garden variety cache’ of YouTube videos; they are of a mix media delivery, including video, webinar and self-paced study tests and exams. Stay tuned for those offerings later this summer.

Agile Training Bootcamp Course

Members of PMIWDC, and the larger project management community in the Washington DC area have demonstrated an interest in mastering Agile concepts to integrate both knowledge sets into a powerful combination of business approaches and delivery. As a thought leader for PMI, the PMIWDC chapter is defining and expanding the market for Agile practices and training through its newly launched Agile ACP Training Bootcamp Course. These two full days will provide an excellent opportunity to study for the ACP certification exam and also gain a better understanding of the Agile discipline while earning PDUs.

Educational Seminars

The chapter will continue to offer all-day educational seminars, adding an additional seminar in 2017 to the lineup. This is an opportunity for members to earn 7 PDUs in a single event. The first seminar has already taken place in March, and we plan on four additional seminars in March, May, July, August and October. A total of five all-day seminars, featuring top presenters in project management, are planned for 2017. This year’s seminar lineup includes risk management, project communication, Agile Project management, metrics and quality, Leadership, and Innovation.

Mentor/Protégé Program

The chapter’s Mentoring Program is a benefit for chapter members, which provides the opportunity to foster a one-on-one relationship between a mentor and protégé focused on developing and enhancing the protégé’s project management competencies.The Program for 2017 launched in January with significant level of interest from applicants Additionally, the 2017 Program partnered with the Professional Alliances team and co-created a military mentoring initiative by reserving slots specifically for PMIWDC military veteran members.

PMP Prep Courses

In February, we launched our first PMP Prep course in 2017. These quarterly courses (executed during two consecutive weekends) help students prepare for the PMP exam, and PMIWDC expects that nearly 200 students will take advantage of our PMP Prep Courses in 2017. Additionally, our PMP Prep classes offer attendees 26 contact hours toward their PMP application.

Military Education and Networking

Mark your Calendars! The next series of Military Educational and Networking Workshops will be held Thursday, June 22nd at 6:00pm at the AUSA Conference Center in Arlington, VA. The June event will be led by our very own, Tim Dalhouse, retired U.S. Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant who will speak to the group about Breaking the Code of Earned Value Management: Applying Military Experience for Project Success. To learn more about this session, please click here and register. 

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