Featured Board Article - August 2016 Newsletter

Updates from PMIWDC's Professional Alliances Operational Area

A featured board article by Lisa Iannuzzi, VP Professional Alliances

Lisa Iannuzzi, VP Professional Alliances

Professional Alliances leads the chapter in developing relationships within the local professional organizations as well as promote the profession of project management. This year the Professional Alliances team is focusing on our local military community.

Professional Alliances Goal

Our goal is to connect Military Service Personnel with chapter resources, guide them in developing a new professional career path in Project Management, and assist them through Project Management mentorship, training, and education.

Did you know that when a service member retires or leaves the service, they are required to participate in a one year transition planning process which prepares them for employment outside of the armed services? If one has not prepared properly, this experience can be very challenging. For some people, it can take years to fully transition into civilian life.

In the United States there are approximately 24 million veterans of military service; approximately 8.5 million of them are employable. The unemployment rate of military veterans in the US, while declining recently, is still higher than the overall unemployment rate in the US. These highly qualified men and women often need assistance in transitioning from military to civilian life because they are unaware of employment opportunities, or are unable to translate their military experience into something meaningful to civilian employers.

PMIWDC recognizes the need to support and assist those who have dedicated their lives to protect and serve our country. In doing so, we are beginning a series of outreach activities and advocate you to join us.

PMIWDC Annual PM Symposium

The first of our out reach activities will take place on September 9th. Join us for PMIWDC's annual Symposium where Andy Walker, PMIWDC Chief Operations Officer and former Marine, will educate us in a breakout session on how to help veterans bring their value to the PM Workforce and the community.

We hope you'll join us for this or one of our following upcoming opportunities:

Honor Ride Program

On September 10th, PMIWDC's Networking Operational Area, led by Farnaz Ravandi, has partnered with Ride 2 Recovery in support of the "2016 Honor Ride Washington DC." Through Honor Ride, thepublic gets to ride along with wounded veterans and raise funds for their rehabilitation. Our goal for this event is to form the largest cycling team for Honor Ride, provide 50% of the volunteers needed to run the event, and encourage local organizations to participate in and/or sponsor the event.

Interested in Cycling? Join our cycling team and ride with us. Regular registration is $75 with special discount for PMIWDC riders.

Monthly Military Educational and Networking Events

In mid-September, we will begin holding monthly educational and networking workshops for active and transitioned veterans. Our guest speakers are PMIWDC former veterans who have been out of the armed service for a minimum of 7 years. These individuals know the challenges our veterans face and we want to help and support the military community.

Military Outreach at Bases

We are working with the local military transition offices to provide awareness and education on project management: what is project management, how does project management translate into military terminology, and is the value of project management. For many, they don't realize that they have spent most of their active duty life performing project management functions. Project Management could be the next logical step in their career progression.

Military Mentorship Program

In late fall, we will begin a military mentoring program. We are seeking active military personnel or newly transitioned veterans (less than 5 years out of the armed services) who may be interested in learning more about project management and be considering employment in this field.

We will be looking for mentors who have been out of the service a minimum of 10 years who are willing to spend up to 5 hours a month coaching a newly transitioned or active service member.

PMP Bootcamps

In 2017, we will be hosting PMP Bootcamps specifically designed for our military members. Our instructors will translate PMI terminology to into a language the military community can understand.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to participate in the military outreach, please contact us. Please check the chapter's monthly event calendar for upcoming events. If you have any additional ideas to help support our active service members, we would love to hear from you.

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