COO Update: Exciting Events across PMIWDC in Our 40th Anniversary Year

PMIWDC Reston - Volunteers Dominic Lepore and Jamey Lees with Speaker Suzie Grieco

I am honored to be Chief Operating Officer of the largest PMI chapter in the world. I have been volunteering for PMI for over 15 years; it is pleasure to serve the people and interests of PMI.

As part of my term as COO, I have embarked on a tour across the many locations we provide services. I am committed to visiting all our locations this year. This will take me from downtown D.C. out to the borders of West Virginia. 

Last week I attended the Reston luncheon where speaker Suzie Grieco informed the audience of how recruiters select candidates in this internet age. It was eye-opening! One piece of advice, recruiters and companies are looking at your social media presence (or lack thereof)! The Reston luncheon is managed by a great team of volunteers: Jamey Lees, Al Harris, Tias Kundu, Elise Ostiguy, Kathleen Leach and Ankur Agarwal. 

I also attended an event at Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA. Living in the city, I don’t own a car. But it was worth it to rent one and drive 75 miles to meet these project managers. Volunteers David Schwantes and Chris Grassmuck put on a solid event. (Both the Reston and Shenandoah events are part of team led by Board Member Laura Hampton.)

PMIWDC Shenandoah Valley – Volunteers Chris Grassmuck, Dominic Lepore and David Schwantes

We recently started a series of events at local universities. I had signed up for the event at Georgetown University and before I knew what happened, I was named the MC of the event. I should have realized when I did a risk analysis of attending this event that I might be “volun-told” for additional work. I was happy to help. This event is led by Board Member Mike Spead, and managed by volunteers Annette Robertson, Teresa Allison, Swarup Kurella and Aiswarya Kunhikrishnan.

Every month, I am most excited about attending the monthly chapter event – now in Tysons Corner. We started the year with Washington Redskins linebacker Trent Murphy. What a great kick-off to the year! (Get it? We’re so clever.) Board Member Susan Schwartz engaged the audience as our speaker. In February, speaker Alan Zucker asked us to fall in love with Agile. An excellent topic – also the largest attendance in a year. Over a dozen volunteers put together this event, led by Board Members John White and Veronica Ortiz. I can’t wait for future monthly chapter meetings!

PMIWDC Monthly Chapter Event – Volunteers Dominic Lepore and John White with Washington Redskins linebacker Trent Murphy

I’ve mentioned the volunteers several times and I want to stress the lifeblood of this chapter are our volunteers. Over 200 volunteers serve to educate and enrich the careers of 10,700 PMIWDC members. You are certainly High Impact Community Leaders! I can’t thank you enough. 

As I continue my tour, I look forward to meeting many more chapter members and volunteers this year.

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