Board Article - November 2017 Newsletter

Greetings from the Volunteer Coordination (VC) operational area of the chapter!

A featured board article by Priyank Shah, VP Volunteer Coordination

It is great to connect back after a whirlwind year that was unlike any other, and I am delighted to share with our members that PMIWDC won the "2017 Chapter of the Year" competing against worldwide PMI chapters with over 1500 members. This acknowledgment simply puts an exclamation point to the many successes we have had throughout this year.

It embodies and personifies the drive and commitment of every chapter volunteer and board leader that has worked tirelessly to improve, innovate, and has continuously pushed the envelope of possibilities, including charting a path for new leaders to come to fore, to guide the chapter to its future state.

As the world's largest PMI chapter, with 10,700+ members it takes a truly professional organization with over 250 Volunteer members, guided with integrity and true commitment to our membership to enable PMIWDC to repeat a consistent level of success year after year. This once again proves that PMIWDC lives its Core Values &emdash;High Impact, Community, Leaders!

2017 Volunteer Support Highlights

With a successful year, a few events deserve a special mention, simply because they were a herculean undertaking, and were successfully executed with an all-volunteer crew of immense talent.
PM Symposium is one of our marquee events, and it was larger than ever this year, with 453 attendees, 16 sponsors, and 17 guest speakers. The event was successfully pulled off with the help of a volunteer team of 30 members, one that leaned on every unit of the chapter, working and collaborating seamlessly to fulfill the objectives.

The volunteers of the Local Communities operational area again deserve a special mention owing to the sheer volume of activities within that operational area of the chapter. This de-centralized unit operates mostly independently with minimal support, and boasts over 80 volunteers in its ranks.

Volunteer Coordination (VC) Operational Updates

VC continues to serve the volunteer needs of the chapter, assisting chapter leaders with their recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and reporting needs, providing a steady stream of volunteer candidates to support ongoing initiatives.
In addition to the normal recruiting and onboarding activities, we are also responsible for planning the annual Volunteer Appreciation event as part of our portfolio. We switched the format of last year's event to liven things up, with a focus on making the event a fun and celebratory affair, leaving behind some formalities of yesteryears.

Happy to share that this new, rejuvenated version of the event was well received by the attendees. We are looking forward to continuing that trend, and are planning for another volunteer appreciation party on Friday, December 8 of this year with similar overall theme. Planning is in full swing for this year's event, and owing to popular demand, as an added bonus, we have secured a block of rooms at a discounted rate at the Holiday Inn, Rosslyn, for folks who would prefer to stay over after the event. Stay tuned for additional details with the invite, which should hit your inbox by the week of 11/12 for RSVP.

Finding Volunteer Opportunities

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, please check out the openings posted within the VRMS system, which can be accessed through the "Volunteer" menu option from homepage.

You can also reach out to our team at with any questions that you may have about volunteering with the chapter in general, or any specific opportunities we have available.

In closing, would like to give a special shout out to the Volunteer Coordination team. Your contributions and collective wisdom has been invaluable to the team's success, Thank you for your support!

The VC Team - Thomas Quigley, Todd Materazzi, Sarah Harrington, Harpreet Kachroo, Katie Koehler, Angela Chang, Anne Clemmer and Asha Chander.

Lastly, as I close out my term on the board, would like to mention that it has been a true pleasure serving the chapter over the past 5 years. A truly humbling learning experience, being in the company of selfless individuals that drive us forward through sheer force of will and vision, matched with equal amounts of skill and effort. It has been an opportunity of a lifetime!

Thank You,
Priyank Shah
VP Volunteer Coordination

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