2020 PMP Prep Course RFP (Instructors/Materials)

Invitation for Proposal

Implementation of 3rd Party Instruction and Materials For

Project Management Institute Washington DC (PMIWDC) Project Management

Professional (PMP) Prep Course

Section I. General Information and Proposal Submission Requirements

Proposals must be delivered to pmp-prep-rfp@pmiwdc.org no later than 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on October 25, 2019. A purchase agreement is expected to be awarded to selected Bidder(s), if any, within forty-five (45) days of the proposal due date. Questions concerning this invitation for Proposals must be submitted via email to pmp-prep-rfp@pmiwdc.org no later than 4:30 PM (EST) on October 4, 2019.

PMIWDC will not consider any form of cost sharing arrangement with vendor. PMIWDC intends to pay for services and/or supplies as a time and materials (T&M) purchase. A purchase with a vendor will be based on a best value (responsiveness and quality) at the lowest price for each item and/or the lowest total price for all items. Responsiveness is determined based on each vendor’s proposal submission meeting the basic service/product requirements. Quality is determine based on the evaluation of each vendor’s proposal service/product submission. PMIWDC reserves the right not to award a purchase from a vendor proposal.

Section II. Service/Product Requirements

PMIWDC is seeking proposals from Registered Education Providers (REP)s for the following items: (1) 26 contact hours of PMP Prep/Boot Camp instruction for A Guide to the PMBoK 6th edition, (2) student materials with practice questions for A Guide to the PMBoK 6th edition, and a mechanism for students to meet the remaining 9.0 hours of project management education outside of class, (3) end of class student survey, and (4) certificate of course completion (with PMIWDC branding reflected).

Effective July 1, 2020, the PMP exam will reflect new content as outlined in this PMI guidance document. PMIWDC expects REPs submitting proposals to have the ability to deliver instruction, student materials, and practice examinations that will prepare class participants for both the pre- and post-July 2020 exam.

PMIWDC will be responsible for the planning, registration, course venue, and providing onsite administration. No student guarantees for successfully passing the test are required by the vendor. The vendor shall submit a proposal for PMP prep training courses:

(1) Provide qualified PMP Prep/Boot Camp instruction. Qualification of individual providing instruction shall have 8+ years teaching Prep/Boot Camps and instructing at least 4 Prep/Boot Camp for A Guide to the PMBoK 6th edition. Each PMP Prep/Boot Camp is 26 contact hours of PMBoK 6th Edition materials. The 26 contact hours shall be taught over two weekends (Saturday and Sunday) in one of the following: Winter 2020, Spring 2020, Summer 2020, or Fall 2020. The 26 contact hours shall cover contents from A Guide to the PMBoK 6th Edition and include (a) class summary review and (b) sample exam. The location will be at a venue in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, most likely in Northern Virginia. Classes are from 8:30am- 4:30pm with a 1 hour break for lunch and occasional rest breaks. Vendor shall be available to begin instruction promptly at 8:30am each day.

(2) Students’ course materials based on A Guide to the PMBoK 6th Edition and student practice PMP Prep exam. Quantities of 10 up to 45 should be used for proposal purposes. In addition to the above student course materials, the vendor shall propose, and provide, a mechanism (such as self-paced virtual training resources) for students to meet the remaining required 9.0 hours of project management education.

(3) PMIWDC Professional Development does not provide paper products (ex. flip charts, index cards, or other paper-based resources) for class exercises. We do understand, however, that these can be useful training tools. If you require PMIWDC to provide these materials for your course, please specify in your proposal price (in item 009) the paper-based items you need, the cost per item, and the quantity required. This will be factored in to the total price of the training.

Delivery of student course materials shall be to a venue that has been shared with the vendor 30 days prior to the training event. Vendors are responsible for coordination, delivery and distribution of course materials.

Section III. Quality Requirements and Examples

In determining the best value the vendor shall provide information requested below in their proposal.

  1. PMP Prep/Boot Camp instruction details:
    • Resume (2 page limit) of the Proposal instructor that clearly demonstrates his/her experience and ability to fulfill the requirements, including his/her current PMI certification status. Any conflict of interest with instructors who may be PMIWDC board members must be identified.
    • The results of 2 PMP Prep/Boot Camp instructor surveys completed within the past year.
    • Explanation (1 page limit) of the instructional method(s) used to achieve the PMP Prep/Boot Camp learning objectives.
  2. Student materials and practice exam details:
    • Example table of contents for instructor and student materials.
    • Example instructor and student materials for 2 sections of PMI A Guide to the PMBoK 6th edition; (1) Project Scope Management and (2) Project Stakeholder Management.
    • Sample of practice PMP Prep Exam used during the course.
    • Course syllabus
  3. (3) References. The vendor shall provide up to 2 references on the quality of their (a) instructor, (b) Instructor, student, and practice exam materials, or (c) both. These references should include 1 PMI chapter and 1 performance example with a class participation size of at least 20 students. The references should include; name, organization, email address, and phone number. If known, please also include the best time and method for contacting each reference.

Section IV. Proposal Price

The vendor shall submit a Proposal price for items listed in section II. All Proposals should include as a minimum the information listed in the table below.

Item # Proposed Item Quantity/Class Price
001 Instruction Time 26 hours  
002 Student Materials & Resources 1-10 Students  
003 Student Materials & Resources 11-20 Students  
004 Student Materials & Resources 21-30 Students  
005 Student Materials & Resources 31-40 Students  
006 Student Materials & Resources 41-45 Students  
007 End of Class Survey 1 per student  
008 Certificate of Completion 1 per student  
009 Generic Training Materials (Flip Charts, Index Cards, etc.) Vendor to specify, if needed  

Section V. Evaluation

PMIWDC will select individuals from its membership to evaluate the proposals. The selected evaluators will judge each proposal by the following merits:

  • Technical Proficiency
  •  Past Performance
  •  Key Personnel (Instructor)
  •  Price

The evaluation criteria weighting is in the following priority:

  1.  Technical Proficiency
  2.  Price
  3.  Key Personnel
  4.  Past Performance

Section VI. PMIWDC Award Selection

Once PMIWDC finishes evaluating the submissions and makes a decision, PMIWDC will contact each Bidder indicating whether the proposal was accepted or not. PMIWDC’s decision is final and there is no mechanism for fielding protests.

Section VII. Conflict of Interest

Please disclose, in the RFP response, any known or possible conflicts of interests that could occur if the bidding organization enters in to a contractual agreement with PMIWDC.

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