2018 Chair & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A featured article by Kevin Roney, 2018 Chair & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


As this year comes to a close, I thank our members and volunteers for their support.  2018 marks PMIWDC’s 40th anniversary.  Since 1978 we have consistently provided quality member value through our educational offerings, personal and professional advancement opportunities, advocacy for the project management profession, and community service projects.  

PMIWDC is unique as the largest chapter. However, size is not what makes us the best.  It is the dedication of thousands of engaged members and hundreds of volunteers that make us the best.  This year we accomplished an important action to safeguard PMIWDC as a preeminent chapter to be proud to be associated with for many years to come. This was accomplished when this past summer our membership approved new By-Laws that changes the operating structure of the chapter. This completes a journey we started in 2016 with a core values branding workshop that defined our core values; high-impact, community, leaders, and in 2017 a new 5-year strategic plan.  

The 5-year strategic plan mapped out how we should serve members and what we must do to maximize our member value. Our new By-Laws reflects the next step in achieving the 5-year strategy. Starting in 2019, PMIWDC will operate under a single board. This transformation from a two-board system provides a single consolidated group of leaders responsible for program quality and member value.     

Simultaneously with revising the By-laws, the chapter continued to deliver value-added member programs and services. Our PM Symposium continued to deliver excellent PM development programs. The chapter listens to its members and restarted offering monthly dinner meetings. The chapter continued to expand its local community program to include a new virtual community to connect more members. There are many more accomplishments, however, what is important is the board and volunteers continued to be dedicated to serving the membership.  

In closing, I am honored to be a part of the PMIWDC community and grateful to have been able to serve this community. My success is due in large part to my fellow volunteer leaders. As I look ahead, I am confident of the chapter’s future success. I am transitioning to very capable leaders in 2019, Chair Dominic Lepore and Chair-Elect, Jonathan Reynolds. In my 8 years volunteering I can firmly state it has been worthwhile. I have worked with exceptional people, earned friendships, and met wonderful members.  


Kevin Roney

2018 Chair & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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