2014+ Board Election Results Announced

VP Networking
Allen Jones
VP Operations Services
Jason Legum
VP Professional Alliances
Vikas Sharma
VP Professional Development
Kevin Roney
VP Technology
Kevin McDonald

VP Volunteer Coordination
Kal Majumdar
Esen Akter
Roy Burton
Samir Mazmudar

Thank you to all of those who submitted nominations and the membership for voting and showing your dedication and support of PMIWDC.

About the Newly Elected Board Members:


Directors-at-Large shall exercise independent accountability and responsibility on matters of governance and oversight in the best interest of the membership ensuring that activities and decisions are in alignment with the Chapter Charter, Bylaws, vision, and mission statements. It is recommended that Directors-at-Large have previous experience serving at least one year as a volunteer in a leadership role for a PMI component. The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Chief Financial Officer are selected from the Directors-at-Large by the Governance Board annually. The position is for a three-year term, with the option of running for one additional term.

Esen Akter Tekinel
Current/previous experience:
VP Professional Development: January 2011 – Present: Esen has been directing the activities that support the continuing program of project management training, seminars, webinars, and mentorship for PMI Washington, DC Chapter members since January 2011. She serves on the Chapter’s Operational Board.
Chair – Toastmasters International Relationships: January 2010 – December 2010: As part of the outreach efforts of the chapter, Esen coordinated the PDU and attendance efforts of the public speaking professionals and aligned them with PMIWDC initiatives.
Esen Akter Tekinel

Candidate Statement:
Esen Akter Tekinel has been leading the Professional Development initiatives of PMIWDC since January 2011. During her tenure, with the support of the Professional Development Committee’s PMP Prep classes, approximately 500 new project managers with PMPs were introduced to the community. The seminars and webinars provided PDUs to more than 600 attendees. Ms. Tekinel had a vision of the program to be expanded to include a mentorship program and launched the pilot in 2012. After hitting a 90% success rate in the pilot, she established a more mature program with 30% more mentor-mentee pairs in 2013. The flexibility of the Mentorship Program aimed to address the logistical challenges of Washington, DC metro area residents.

Esen Akter Tekinel facilitated the sister chapter program between PMIWDC and PMI Turkey. The Memorandum of Understanding is signed in October 2012.

Esen Akter Tekinel believes in giving back to the community by continuously cultivating new leaders. The Professional Development Committee nestles 2 AVPs and more than 40 volunteers; the transition plan she prepared at the beginning of the year was executed to transfer 75% of the knowledge within 6 months.

By combining the previous outreach and professional development experiences, Esen Akter Tekinel is looking forward to serving as Director-at-Large and helping to increase the success rate of the chapter even more.

Personal Background:
Esen Akter Tekinel is a certified Project Management Professional with 20 years of IT experience. Her project and portfolio management spans across numerous industries including banking, higher-education, power and automation, health and medical education, and international development.

Esen is passionate about Project Management. She was one of the speakers at PMI’s 2013 EMEA Global Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. Esen also spoke at the PM in the AM in June 2013 at the National Press Club and received positive feedback.

Roy Burton, CGFM, PMP, CABM
Current/previous experience:
Chair, Luncheons Committee:  2003 - 2008
AVP, and VP, Volunteers:  2005
PMIWDC Corporate Outreach Coordinator for SAIC:  2007 – 2008
Director at Large: 2006 – 2009; 2011 to Present
VP, Business Services:  2010
Chair, Elections Committee: 2009 and 2010
Chair, Investments Committee:  2012 to Present
Chief Financial Officer:  2011 to Present
Roy Burton, CGFM, PMP, CABM

Received one of the four PMIWDC Leadership Awards for the 2005 - 2006 term; and
PMI Region 5 Top Performer Award for 2008 and 2012.

Candidate Statement:
My service to PMIWDC began over a decade ago as a result of the vision of then President Chris Fristad and Director at Large John Scanlon, recognizing that only 400 of the 6,000 members were attending events monthly.  I started the luncheons program in 2003 and with a host of dedicated volunteers grew it to 14 venues, before assuming additional responsibilities as a Director at Large in 2008.  Hopefully, you have benefited from this on-going program as either a volunteer or attendee. 

I have represented PMIWDC at Blacks in Government conferences and the National Engineers Week Future City Competition in 2009 and 2010.  I was also instrumental in establishing strategic alliances with non-profit organizations like Women in Technology and the joint PMIWDC / Baltimore Chapter dinner meetings in Frederick, Maryland in 2007.

I received my BS in Finance from the University of Florida and MS from Troy State University in Personnel Management and Administration.

I worked 13 years for SAIC after retiring from the Army as a Finance Officer and am currently working for the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

In addition to being a PMP, I also maintain certifications as a Government Financial Manager and an Associate Business Manager.

As your CFO for the past three years, I made a concerted effort to provide transparency and insight into the Chapter’s $1.1M annual budgets and audits.

It’s been an honor and privilege to serve PMIWDC and I look forward to the next three years with your support.  Thanks

Samir Mazmudar
Current/previous experience:
VP Volunteer Coordination: January 2012 -Present
AVP Networking Programs – PM Tools: September, 2008 to December 2011
Committee Chair for PMIWDC Volunteers for PMI Global Congress/LIM – September, 2010
PMOTY (PM of the year) 2009 Selection Committee member
Active Volunteer for PM Tools – Networking Programs: Since May, 2007
Samir Mazmudar

Candidate Statement:
Samir has considerable experience and great appreciation for working with people of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints in a collaborative, collegial, respectful, and productive manner. He considers his prior leadership roles in this organization as integral to shaping his ability to perform the governing duties inherent in the oversight role of a board to meet strategic requirements. Samir began his dynamic experience as a PMIWDC volunteer in early 2007 and as a current VP – Volunteer Coordination; Samir is responsible for actively working with the Board, the AVPs, and member community. In this role, he works to identify and coordinate ~200 volunteers on the PMIWDC committees, teams, and ad hoc groups that support the strategic direction of the chapter. Prior to this, Samir served as an AVP – PM Tools and actively collaborated with the member community in identifying topics and bringing speakers to monthly PM Tools sessions. Samir also served as a member of the PM of the year (PMOTY) -2009 Selection Committee and lead the chapter’s effort for volunteer coordination at PMI’s 2010 Global Congress/LIM. Samir’s professional career spans over 20 years with consulting experience in enterprise project/portfolio management, business strategy, and technical solutions in a variety of industries. A certified PMP since 2005, Samir has recently started his own consulting firm and provides Project Management support to various organizations. Samir holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a MBA in Finance.

Samir believes that the position will be a great opportunity to use and further develop his talent and experience in the extended territories.

Personal Background:
Samir loves watching and playing sports, especially tennis and football (Go Skins!)


Vice Presidents shall have had previous service to the Chapter as a Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Event Project Manager, or Committee Chair prior to installation and shall be elected by the general membership for a term of two years. Terms shall be staggered such that elections are held for half the Vice Presidents each year. An individual may not hold any specific Vice President position for more than two consecutive terms.

Election for VP Networking

The VP, Networking role is responsible for managing all chapter social networking events to provide a forum for project management professionals to connect in an informal setting in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia areas. This includes providing opportunities for participants to meet and discuss project management issues and strategies, and providing opportunities where participants can meet prospective employers interested in connecting with qualified project and program managers. The Networking VP is also responsible for organizing the PMIWDC Golf outing, and PM after-hours networking events.

Allen P. Jones, PMP, MSPM
Current/previous experience:
Member Relations Committee, Event Manager (2008 – 2010)
Assistant Vice President, Member Relations Committee (2010 - present)
Allen P. Jones, PMP, MSPM

Candidate Statement:
(1) I have a vision of how the member experience can be enhanced through networking.  The first step in realizing my vision is the recent approval by the PMIWDC Governance Board of my suggestion to establish a dedicated networking operational area.  This is critical due to the fact that one of the key reasons project management professionals join local PMI chapters is to interact with other project management professionals. 
(2) I have been the AVP of Member Relations for the past four years, responsible for leading, planning and execution of PM After Hours networking events. I have increased the number of events and expanded networking to include the annual PM Symposium, along with project management students in collaboration with the Outreach (Education) operational area to expand our ability to engage our members.  I have also taken the first step in providing new focus on industries that rely heavily on the application of project management principles by successfully launching the first Healthcare Information Technology industry PM After Hours networking event.
(3) I have the leadership skills to attract and lead volunteers to support the strategic objectives of engaging members through networking.  I have also demonstrated the skills to work across operational areas to collaborate with other AVPs and VPs to enhance their programs and meet their objectives using networking as a common service.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Volunteer/Professional Background/Experience:

  • Project Manager/Business Analyst, Senior Manager IRS (1980 – Present)
  • Adjunct Professor – Bowie State University (August 2013 - Present)
  • Chair National Mentoring Committee, Association for the Improvement of Minorities in the Internal Revenue Service (AIM-IRS) (2008 – Present)
  • Regional Treasurer, AIM-IRS (1991-1992)
  • President, AIM-IRS, Denver Chapter (1998)
  • Vice President, National Association of Black Accountants, Los Angeles Chapter (1982)

Educational/Certification Background/Experience:

  • Masters of Science in Project Management, The George Washington University, School of Business (2012)
  • Project Management Institute, Project Management Professional (PMP) (July 2008)
  • Bachelors of Science, Business Administration (Accounting), California State University @ Long Beach, School of Business (1982)

PMIWDC Background/Experience:

  • Volunteer (Event Manager/Host), Member Relations Committee: responsible for planning and delivering networking events as well as leading my team or 3-5 volunteers. (2008-2010)
  • Assistant Vice President, Member Relations Committee: responsible for staffing, planning, and delivering 7-10 networking events per year and developing standard operating procedures, forms, training, and leading 7-10 teams of volunteers to meet the requirements of the charter. (2010 – present)

Additional Comments:
I have an overall interest in the advancement of the project management profession and the PMIWDC.  To demonstrate this interest, I recently (December 2012) completed a Masters of Science degree in project management and have been a dedicated volunteer since I received PMP certification in 2008.  I have further supported my interest in the chapter by proposing a succession planning approach to strategically enhance our development of leaders to sustain the high level of leadership we have today.

Election for VP Operations Services

The VP, Operations Services role provides support to the PMIWDC chapter leadership in the areas of chapter event processes and contract negotiation and management. The Operations Services VP provides development and documentation of PMIWDC event management processes, identifies event policy needs and provides event policy documentation. In addition to event process development and documentation, the Operations Services VP is responsible for ensuring that event processes and policies are uniformly applied. Also, the Operations Services VP negotiates and manages the Association Management Services contract that provides management and administrative services to the chapter membership.

Jason Legum
Current/previous experience:
AVP Records Management – 2010 - 2011
VP Records Management – 2012 - present

Candidate Statement:
I am excited about the opportunity to establish this new position within PMIWDC. It combines existing responsibilities from Records Management and Business Services, operationalizes a Governance Board function, and manages the mechanisms for continuous process improvement.
Jason Legum

Because this position has a broad scope of responsibilities, operational success will depend on collaborating with other board members, harnessing the energy of both short-term and long-term volunteers, incorporating improvements from the PMIWDC community, and harnessing technology to save time without sacrificing quality. Strategic success entails growing a team of Chairpersons and Assistant Vice Presidents to deliver a viable suite of processes and resources along with a talented pool of volunteers to future administrations.

My 30+ year career has paralleled that growth by providing business and IT leadership deploying cost-effective technology and process solutions and over 20 years getting to yes with C level leaders. Relevant experience includes establishing SharePoint sites for document and knowledge sharing, establishing a Project Management Office within the Judiciary, establishing the metadata management program at Capital One, and creating both business and technical processes to achieve critical goals for my employers. Along the way, I have been certified in ITIL, as an agile ScrumMaster, and as a Project Management Professional. My direct reports have included staff and other managers while my indirect reports have been both inside my organization as well as outside.

Personal Background:
I have enjoyed my work, these experiences, my work within the PMI WDC Records Management operational area, and with the PMI Global Operations Center. I welcome you to check out my LinkedIn profile and to ask me questions about my career or any of my other passions: cycling, racquetball, wine, and music. I don’t know it all, but I look forward to exploring what we know together to slake our thirsts for improvement.

Additional Comments:
For those of you who have read this far, permit me to give you some extra time by not consuming the entire final 250 word section.

“I think, if I ever have to make a concession speech, I will do it from a concession stand, and everyone will realize they made a mistake.” — comedian Andrew Mayer

Cogito ergo sum.

Election for VP Professional Alliances

The VP, Professional Alliances role is to provide leadership and guidance on Chapter activities within the chapter’s geographical area of responsibility, in support of the community and the workplace of the membership.  PMIWDC acknowledges that it has a responsibility to serve the local community and the workplaces of its members, including corporations, not-for-profit organizations and associations, and other PMI Chapters, as well as supporting the Project Management Institute’s global community outreach initiatives and virtual communities.  It also includes representation in the corporate workplace to promote project management professionalism. The Professional Alliances VP is responsible for Chapter-to-Chapter relationships, Corporate outreach, and Community outreach. 

Vikas Sharma
Current/previous experience:
AVP Professional Development (2005 - 2007)
Chair PMIWDC Mentoring Committee
AVP Outreach – Professional Alliances (2008 - Present)
Co-Chair Mentoring Committee (2012)
Vikas Sharma

Candidate Statement:
As a PMIWDC member since 2004, I have been a witness to a tremendous growth in the Chapter and been benefitted professionally. Deciding to make a difference, I have been an active volunteer in the Chapter since 2005 where I have been privileged to serve the Chapter members.  Over years as I have worked as an AVP in Professional Development and lately in Outreach and have an opportunity to learn first-hand about the needs of our members and what our Chapter is doing to address them.  In addition to my knowledge of the Chapter over the years (both as member and as your representative on the Board), my background as an IT professional in the Federal workspace provides me with a unique perspective about the Chapter members (I mean you).   After working in the background over the years, I have decided to formally stand for an elected Board position in Professional Alliances, an area I understand immensely as it is being created specifically this year for the first time. As I work with several Professional Organizations like IEEE, ISSA, Women in Technology, I aim to serve our Chapter members in the joint collaboration activities that will encourage further growth and services.

As you decide to vote for a Board member amongst the available roaster of candidates, I would encourage you to evaluate individual backgrounds, association with the Chapter, domain knowledge about their experience for this Board position. As a member of the largest Chapter in the world, you deserve to be served by the best candidates, who can provide you with further professional growth opportunities.

Personal Background:
I am an IT professional with about 20 years of leading transformational technology projects in Public, Private and Non-Profit organizations. One of my notable achievements has been to manage EPA’s national IT response to BP Oil Spill emergency as I worked with professionals representing multiple integrators, agencies and state governments. In addition to giving back to the PM profession, I have been on the board of my alma mater, Alumni Chapter of GMU’s School of Management and in the Community as a coach to my children’s soccer team.

Election for VP Professional Development

The VP, Professional Development role shall include responsibility for all activities that support the continuing program and project management training and education of chapter members. These activities include PMIWDC PMP Prep classes, Seminars, Webinars, and Mentoring, as well as other educational programs.

Kevin Roney
Current/previous experience:
AVP Professional Development:  2012-Present
Future City Competition – Best Future City Project Plan Judge- 2013
PMIWDC 35th Anniversary committee member - 2013
Kevin Roney

Candidate Statement:
As a volunteer member of the current PMIWDC board, an experienced Project Manager, and a PMP, I am qualified to be the next VP of Professional Development.  For the past 18 months I have been an active volunteer member of PMIWDC as an AVP of Professional Development.  During this time I have worked closely with the VP Professional Development and supported each of the key Professional Development operational areas; PMP Prep Class, Webinars, Seminars, and Mentoring.  For the PMP Prep Class I have supported the planning and operation of 6 classes as of April 2013.  My activities for each class consist of coordinating instructors’ schedule, classroom venue, class materials, and class volunteers.  In this role I regularly work closely with PMR in class preparation activities.  I actively work the PMIWDC Webinar in close coordination with VP Technology to plan and conduct the summer and fall webinars.  I have participated in two Professional Development Seminars working with presenter and volunteers.  I have also been involved in the planning for fall seminar by identifying and working with the presenter.  I have supported the VP Professional Development in the setup of the Mentoring program.  I have over 21 years of Project Management experience, 8 years as a PMP.  My experiences include leading 100 person-consulting divisions at two Fortune 500 companies and managing $400M in projects.  I have a degree in Nuclear Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology, and a Masters of Science from the University of Maryland University College.

Personal Background:
I am an executive consultant with over 29 years of engineering experience.  In 2010 I started Sysergi LLC as a veteran small business with both government and commercial clients.  My primary focus is systems architecture, systems analysis, software development, and project management.  My wife, also a PMP, and I enjoy golfing and traveling.  We have a two year old Boxer, Bear, who’s photo has been included in two pet calendars.  My other hobby includes training and competing in Sprint Triathlons.  I have participated in two mission trips to Guatemala offering spiritual, medical, and home construction assistance to Mayan Indians.

Additional Comments:
I participated in the PMIWDC Operation Board’s 2013 all day operations meeting.  This meeting provided me with important insights into the overall operation and responsibilities of each operational area.  In February 2013 I had the privilege to participate in the Region 5 meeting.  This afforded me a valuable opportunity to gain insights from networking with other chapter leaders as well as with members of PMIWDC.  In February I volunteered to participate as a PMIEF judge for the national finals of Engineers Week Future Cities competition.  My role as a judge was to select the top project plan from among the 36 finalist teams.  From this experience I sought out opportunities to bring project management experience to secondary education.  I began participating in the chapter’s Outreach effort for northern Virginia secondary schools. 

In March of 2013 I participated in a chapter visit to PMI Global Operation Center.  This provided valuable GOC contacts as well as knowledge of several key GOC projects.  Beginning in April I volunteered to participate in the 35th Anniversary planning committee.  My role was to support developing the dinner meeting fun facts as well as provide a short presentation during the dinner meetings.  Through all of these activities in 2013 I have gain valuable insights and relationships with Board members. 

Election for VP Technology

The VP, Technology role has operational responsibilities in support of implementing the Board’s decisions and achievement of the Chapter’s strategic goals. These include providing an overall technology infrastructure that supports/enables the Board and Chapter operations/evolution, serving as the steward of the Chapter’s website, managing the Chapter’s technology vendors, serving as a technology SME to the Chapter, and liaising with PMI’s Enterprise Architecture initiative.

Kevin T. McDonald
Current/previous experience:
VP Technology, 2012-2013
Chapter to Chapter representative, UK and Italy, 2011
Kevin T. McDonald

Candidate Statement:

PMIWDC is one of the most dynamic and active PMI chapters in the global PMI.org family and it has been my honor and privilege to serve the chapter as a volunteer both as Chapter to Chapter representative to PMI UK and Italy and as Vice President of Technology.   My original pledge as VP of Technology was that I would work together with the board and the chapter membership to extend the reach of the chapter even further.  During the last two years, our main goals were to expand the capabilities and service to the membership. We brought together nearly 30 volunteers to form the Technical advisory committee to review potential projects and technologies.   We reached out to other chapters through PMI Global events and other contacts to benchmark other chapters, pilot new technical solutions and leverage lessons learned. We established a new career center, featuring state of the art cloud technology.   We supported the Relaunch of chapter webinars and looking forward, we are working behind the scenes to make it easier to record PDUs for chapter events.  Should I be fortunate enough to be reelected, I would like to help build even stronger bonds with the membership, the technical advisers, the board and global PMI community to deliver the best solutions anywhere to create an even stronger chapter in the future.

Personal Background:
Kevin T. McDonald is Technical Director for ICF International and author of Above the Clouds: Managing Risk in the World of Cloud Computing. He works with variety of public and private sector organizations on a  issues ranging from project management, enterprise risk, cloud computing and cybersecurity. Mr. McDonald was elected as Vice President of Technology to the Project Management Institute Washington D.C. Chapter and previously served as the C2C representative to PMI UK and Italy chapters. McDonald also teaches Cloud Computing, Virtual Data Centers, Health IT and Big Data Informatics for the University of Georgetown Technology Management Master’s program.

Additional Comments:
It has been my honor and privilege to serve the chapter as a volunteer both as Chapter to Chapter representative to PMI UK and Italy and as Vice President of Technology.   Should I be fortunate enough to be reelected, I would like to help build even stronger bonds with the membership, the technical advisers, the board and global PMI community to deliver the best solutions anywhere to create an even stronger chapter in the future.  Together everyone accomplishes more!

Election for VP Volunteer Coordination

The VP, Volunteer Coordination role is responsible for actively working with the PMIWDC Board and the Assistant Vice Presidents (AVPs) of Volunteer Coordination to identify and place volunteers on PMIWDC committees, teams, ad hoc groups, and other such units that support the strategic direction of the chapter. This also entails ensuring that volunteers are duly recognized and rewarded for their service to the PMIWDC chapter.

Kal Majumdar, PMP
Current/previous experience:
2008 – Present: AVP of Educational Outreach Committee (Operational Board member)
2006-2007: Chair of PMIWDC High School Outreach committee.
Kal Majumdar, PMP

Candidate Statement:
For the past 8 years, I have been dedicated to the project management profession as a reliable and active volunteer of PMIWDC.  I have worked closely with the future PMs in local education communities as AVP of Educational Outreach. In this role, I have been a mentor and advisor to students wishing to pursue project management as their careers. About 5 years ago, I initiated a partnership with SkillSource Group Inc. and since then I have represented PMIWDC in the Fairfax County Educating Youth through Employment (EYE) program to reach a diverse group of students; been the PMI Education Foundation point of contact for the PMIWDC Chapter.

I would welcome very much the opportunity to serve the chapter as VP Volunteer Coordination, and I know I can bring a tremendous amount of energy and dedication to serving in this role. I am eager to accept this responsibility and request your vote for me as VP Volunteer Coordination to continue to move the PMIWDC Chapter forward.

As VP Volunteer Coordination, I will expand upon my personal experience as a long-term volunteer for PMIWDC and assist the Board in taking advantage of opportunities to keep the Chapter volunteers engaged and professionally challenged.

Professionally, I am a PMP certified, senior strategic Technical Program Manager and Subject Matter Expert.  I provide IT management consulting services to Federal clients.

Personal Background:
Detail oriented technical leader in various industries with demonstrated experiences in program/project management, end-to-end global software development, managing geographically distributed culturally diverse teams, strategic process reengineering (BPR), automation and operational integration solving critical and complex problems. Skilled leader in information analysis and reporting of KPIs, systems, performances, and customers’ information; in identifying strategic and innovative approaches to bring new product, revenue, business as well as to achieve operational excellence.

I am also the proud mother of a son headed to college for his second year in the fall.

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