The Other Tech Tools for Project Managers

In this workshop we’ll help you tech up your work by exploring several different categories of technology tools and dive into some specific examples in order to learn how we can apply different technologies to our work. We'll demonstrate how the tools can add value to what you do, save you time, and support virtual working environments. Finally, you'll walk away with the complete list covering 16 different categories and over 80 examples of applications that can inspire new ways of achieving amazing results.

Talent Triangle Category

About the Speaker

Beth Spriggs

Beth Spriggs, PMP, is an experienced coach, trainer and speaker. Currently she serves as the vice president of technology at Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE), a major nonpartisan organization. For more than 16 years, she’s solved unsolvable problems, tamed unruly projects, and pulled off the impossible for organizations by deploying technologies that work for customers while positioning clients for what’s coming next.

Her extensive portfolio consists of everything from bite-sized undertakings to years-long overhauls that impact every aspect of the organization, but her focus has always been technology project management. Some of Beth's contributions include delivering webinars for and NTEN, speaking at NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Conference and DC Web Women's Conference; and attending PMI's Global Congress NA 2015 as an Expert. Beth was's member of the month August 2015. 

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