May PM Tools Workshop

May PM Tools

"Portfolio Management andBusiness Metrics
Tips to Ensure Your Projects Survive the Cost-Cutting Ax."


Dave Hartman

President of Hartman Business Technology

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Every third Tuesday of eachmonth, at 5:30,
Immediately before the monthlychapter dinner.

Sheraton Premiere at
Tysons Corner
8661 Leesburg Pike,Vienna, VA

PM Tools is always free of charge, and registration is notrequired.

About the Presentation:

Portfolio Management and Business Metrics Tips to
Ensure Your Projects Survive the Cost-Cutting Ax.

Creating business value in the projects we manage is alwayscritical. In tough economic times, it may be amatter of project, and job, preservation.

This presentation looks at Project Portfolio Management andKey Metrics Tracking from the Executive'sperspective. Dave will review the criteria that heuses with his executive clients to review project value, and will offerinsights into why projects that seem just right never get funding orlose funding half-way through. Do your projects contribute tothe strategic direction of the company? Do they providegreater impact than the effort required to complete them? These are questions that Executives should ask, and that you should beprepared to answer.

Dave will also look at effective business metrics, and discusshow understanding what metrics are most critical to your boss can helpyou design and implement projects that won't ever get cut. Dave's presentation will share valuable insights into howExecutives look at business metrics and how IT leaders candesign a project portfolio that addresses critical gaps in theircompany's ability to track key metrics timely.

About the Speaker:

Dave Hartman is President ofHartman Business Technology (HBT). Founded in 2004, HBTprovides strategic and executive level business and technology servicesto mid-sized and growing businesses. HBT features aproprietary service called the "IT Value Matrix," a comprehensiveassessment designed to analyze and improve an organization's ability todeliver greater profitability and efficiency through technology andimproved business processes.

Dave brings over 20 years ofleadership and management experience, including 15 years within theInformation Technology sector, supporting Healthcare, commercial,retail, government and non-profit industries. He is wellrecognized for his ability to analyze internal company resources, aswell as consulting relationships, to develop systems and solutions thatmaximize profitability or minimize corporate expense.

Prior to leading his ownconsulting practice, Dave served as the Senior Director of InformationTechnology for several highly respected healthcare and commercialcompanies in the Maryland area. Dave is a former Naval FlightOfficer for the US Navy and got his start in enterprise applicationintegration as a consultant for Andersen Consulting.

Dave's articles and featureshave recently appeared in both the Baltimore Business Journal and theBusiness Monthly. Dave also speaks regularly on the topic ofIT Business Value to business and leadership groups throughout the EastCoast.

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