Introducing the New 2017 PMIWDC Chapter CFO: Jason Legum, PMP

Meet Jason Legum - the new 2017 CFO. Jason began by volunteering 6 years ago as Records Management AVP before becoming VP of Records Management and before combining those operations with business services to create and head the Operations Services operational area. During that time, Jason focused on managing costs, finding opportunities to improve services common to all operational areas, and improve the chapter's knowledge management. His latest never-ending mission is to empower the strategy development team so the chapter can have a mission, vision, and strategy connecting our stakeholders and aligning our operations.

Jason Legum

These chapter accomplishments are not very far from his professional ones. Jason has enjoyed decades building teams and delivering business value for Fortune 500 companies, smaller enterprises, and local/state/federal organizations. By growing the teams' knowledge and skills, he engages team members so they can advance the organization’s process maturity. The end result is delivery beyond expectations.

As a Project Manager and Program Manager, Jason leverages his experience in software development, data management, process engineering, and people management to expand the boundaries of our profession. He was doing DevOps years before anyone coined the term and applying Critical Chain Project Management techniques before learning about the Theory of Constraints. He has built PMOs, implemented ERPs, built service desks, and even developed assembly language programs that later became part of the mainframe's operating system. He is particularly proud of salvaging struggling projects and finding solutions in challenging environments. Today, Jason is working with multiple consulting companies to expand their product offerings while applying a harmonious mix of Agile, Lean, and Critical Chain methods to drive improvement in project portfolio throughput and reliability.

When not enjoying the company of fellow PMIWDC volunteers, Jason is often outdoors with his wife, Gerri. On a typical Saturday morning, you’ll find him cycling down the Capital Crescent Trail to a local parkrun 5k timed run. The afternoon might include a two mile walk from Bethesda to explore wines in Friendship Heights. Evenings are more indoors and often in the company of national bands making a stop at the Lincoln Theater or the 9:30 Club.

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