How to Collect Member Discounts

PMIWDC grants special discounted rates to PMIWDC members for many events. To collect any of these discounts, you must be logged in. In most cases, all applicable discounts will be applied automatically. That is, if you are an PMIWDC member, you will automatically receive the members-only discount once you log in. You can tell which discounts (if any) you are receiving by the text just above the registration links. 

How to Qualify for Discounts

To qualify for PMIWDC chapter member discounts, you must of course be a member of the PMIWDC chapter and of PMI. If you are not yet a member of PMI you should read more about membership and consider joining. If you are already an PMI International member, you should update your PMI profile to select PMIWDC as one of your chapters.

Getting Help for Your Discounts

If you are not receiving discounts that you feel you deserve, please don't hesitate to contact us. Most concerns can be quickly resolved with a short phone call or email.

Some common issues that we check for are:

Expired Membership:

Is your PMIWDC membership up to date? You will stop receiving member discounts if your membership expires. You can confirm your membership status by checking your PMI profile. If you believe this has happened, you can renew your membership and contact us to have your discounts reinstated immediately.

Very New Membership:

Did you join very recently? If you joined within the past two or three days, PMI might not have formally approved your membership and distributed your information to PMIWDC. If you believe this has happened, contact us with proof of your pending membership (for example, a receipt) and we will create an account for in advance of your application being formally approved.

More helpful information for new members is available in our Help for New Members page.

Correct Email:

By default, all new members have an account created for them using the same email address they used to join PMI. If you commonly use a different email address (for example, your prefer your personal email even though you have a corporate email address.), you should log in using the account assocated with your PMI membership, and change the address by editing your profile. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will make this adjustment for you.

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