40th Anniversary Celebration

PM Soundbite from 40th Anniversary Celebration.

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Ken Leslie

Veterans Matter

Alcoholic, drug addict, homeless, comedian, CEO, technologist, philanthropist, and Jefferson Award winner are all words that have described Ken Leslie.

Hear him tell the riveting story of how he has spent the past 25 clean and sober years building a successful recruiting firm and as a philanthropist funding new programs designed to provide financial and domestic autonomy for the homeless and homeless veterans on the streets.

His latest project, “Veterans Matter” has now become a national movement to house homeless veterans. With the support of Katy Perry, John Mellencamp, Ice-T, Kid Rock, Kix Brooks, Mitch Albom and many others, the program has already housed 2,600+ veterans in 21 states, 13 of those here for Operation Mid-Atlantic.

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