How to Get Started as PMIWDC Volunteer

Thank you for showing an interest to volunteer your time, skills, and efforts to be an active member of a PMIWDC chapter committee. We welcome your participation. Besides enjoying great networking opportunities, chapter volunteers are also honored through our Volunteer Recognition Program each year. It's also a good way to earn PDUs if you are PMP certified and an active volunteer. You can get started as a PMIWDC volunteer in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Select a Position

You become a volunteer by being filling out an application and being accepted for a specific position. That is, PMIWDC does not have volunteers "at large" who are not assigned to a specific duty. So, your first step should be to browse the list of open positions and find one that sounds interesting to you.

Step 2: Fill Out an Application

Once you have chosen a position that you like, your next step is to fill out an application for that position. You will need to be logged in to your PMIWDC member account to do this -- only PMIWDC members may apply for volunteer positions. To apply, follow the "Apply" link on the position description. If this is your first volunteer assignment, you will be prompted to fill out a volunteer profile. You will only need to do this once. Once you have completed the profile, you will be taken to the application itself. Volunteer applications have two parts: an introduction and a qualifications statement. Please take the time to give thoughtful answers to both of these questions -- your application is more likely to be accepted if your responses speak specifically to the committee's needs. Once you have completed the application, the system will alert the committee contact and ask them to review your application. From time to time, you may notice that committee chairs or Board members are slow to respond to your application or inquiries. Board members are volunteers as well, and their professional commitments sometimes make it difficult to respond quickly. We appreciate your patience, but please contact the VP of Volunteer Coordination (identified on the PMIWDC Leadership page) for assistance with your volunteering interests if you feel an application is delayed. Members are also encouraged to contact Board members directly with inquiries into areas in which they'd like to contribute their time and talents.

Step 3: Getting Started on Your Assignment

Within a few days of submitting your application, the committee contact will write back to let you know whether your application was accepted. From that point on, you're officially a PMIWDC volunteer. You will be introduced to the rest of the committee and will be invited to upcoming committee meetings. From time to time, we regret that we must turn away even highly qualified members. With nearly 10,000 PMIWDC members, some of our volunteer announcements receive If your application was not accepted, the committee chair will tell you why and invite you to look at other positions. We regret that we can't always accept volunteer applications. Please don't get discouraged if your first application isn't accepted: there are hundreds of new opportunities each year and you will find the right match before long.

Ready to Get Started?

Check out the list of open positions and fill out an application!

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