April 2014 Crystal City Dinner

April 2014 Crystal City Dinner

Your Legacy: When the Switch Gets Flicked


Dave Gerber

Synergy Development and Training

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About the Presentation

We pull into a parking space and turn the car off, or maybe we leave the metro and walk into our work place to face the latest project challenge. We do it every day. Some days we are smiling, some days not. On any of those days as leaders, are we considering, or even aware of our own leadership philosophy? Do Project Managers actively consider the philosophy that will likely govern the day, our reaction to both good and bad news and how we will treat the people around us? Maybe. Regardless, there is more. There is something that goes even beyond our philosophy; something far more noteworthy and certainly more permanent- our legacy. I would suggest that our own legacies are not foremost on our minds on any given work day as project managers and leaders. We are usually consumed with the more immediate tasks at hand or maybe what the end of the month will look like or the end of a period of performance – but typically, our legacy is not what occupies our active minds. Yet the reality is, either we purposefully create a legacy or we leave the story to be filled in by others, some who will never know of your true intentions. And legacies are not singular – we may have several, possibly as a husband or wife, son or daughter, brother or sister,employee, project team member or leader. We may not spend any time really thinking about our legacies, but when we are gone – gone from the workplace or the team or gone from the planet, it will be our legacy that lives on…hopefully it’s the one we wanted, planned for, created and lived out daily.

Corporate Registrations and Sponsorships: 
Event Location

Hyatt Regency Crystal City
2799 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Arlington, VA, 22202

Agenda and Cost:
Corporate table for 10: $550
Chapter Members: $50
Non-members: $60
Walkins: $60
5:00 PM - Registration Opens
5:30 PM - PM Tools
5:30 - Networking Reception & Cash Bar
7:00 - Dinner & Cash Bar
7:45 - Guest Speaker
9:00 - Adjourn
Special Instructions

How to Get There: Metro: The Hyatt Regency is just under a mile walk from the Crystal City Metro. Driving: The Hyatt offers a $13 discounted parking rate on valet parking. There are also several public parking garages in the area.

PDUs Available: 
1.00 PDUs for Certified PMs

About the Speakers

Dave Gerber

Synergy Development and Training

Dave has owned his private practice, Synergy Development and Training, for over ten years and  has traveled the country to work with thousands of leaders, project managers, specialists and their teams in organizations such as NASA, SAIC, PMI, EPA, ManTech, Dominion Power, BAE Systems, Government agencies, the Intelligence communities and many, many more.  He has authored three books on conflict and leadership with a recent project release of a chapter written in a book with Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra.  Dave is the Leadership Program Director for AKMI.  He has been an adjunct professor, interviewed for television/radio and has varied personal experiences that have been turned into best practices and support for clients of all kinds, from all backgrounds.

For over 15 years Dave has been working with senior leaders to design, customize and “roll out” professional development coaching, training, consulting, facilitation, mediation, negotiation and other valuable efforts that produce immediate ROI for actual participants, as well as informal and formally connected stakeholders.  He has been brought in pro-actively to design large programs, workshops, single and multi-day trainings, motivational keynote speaking engagements and small programs which themselves leave audiences with great impact…or after a negative action has happened in the workplace.  From his original sand film, his humor, to his instantly engaging style and ability to connect with people, he simplifies the more sophisticated concepts and helps to create eye-opening distinctions that lead to better decision making and action…Dave is great to work with!

Dave also has an impressive formal, educational background which includes a bachelor’s degree from Ithaca College in Sociology, a Master’s   in Education from Saint Joseph’s University, and ten post-graduate certificates from Georgetown University, George Mason’s Northern Virginia Mediation Services, Notre Dame and Villanova in subjects such as senior executive leadership, leadership coaching, conflict, negotiations and more.  He is qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP), The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP), the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), Reversal Theory, PMAI and the Klein Group Indicator.  

About the Crystal City Dinner Meetings

PMIWDC holds dinner meetings periodically in Crystal City to provide an alternate metro-accessible location for those who can not attend the Fairview Park dinner meetings.

PMIWDC's Monthly Dinner meetings are held monthly in either the Fairview Park Marriott location or the alternate Crystal City location. Members and Non-Members are welcome to join us for the best speakers and networking the Washington DC area has to offer.

The presentations delivered before (PM Tools) and after (Keynotes) monthly dinner meetings are educational and informative to those professionals operating in the field of project management and functioning in leadership roles in industry and government. Each event will present specific learning points, unique to the presenter's area of expertise and the subject matter discussed while directly relating to improving the practice of managing projects and leading others. Both the PM Tools session and the monthly dinner meeting are worth 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU) each to certified PMPs.

If this will be your first time attending a dinner meeting, be sure to read about the event schedule, costs, and cancellation policies.

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