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  • Patton Scholarship Deadline is April 1st

    Don't forget to apply for PMIWDC's George Patton Memorial Scholarship If you interested in taking professional development coursework in 2010.

    This $2000 award is intended for working professionals who are taking classes to expand their skillsets, through not necessarily in pursuit of a degree. The funds can be used with PMIWDC or any other PM Training provider.

    The application deadline is April 1st, so be sure to fill out your application soon! You can read more about the terms and begin an application at

    Patton Scholarship Deadline is April 1st

  • 2020 Election Results

    We're pleased to announce the results of this years election!


    Vice Presidents-Elect:

    Deepak Chaudhary (Operations Services), Bruce Edgerton (Professional Development) and  Jacob Artz (Technology) will take the reins of their respective operational areas January 2020 for a three year term.

    2020 Election Results

  • PM Soundbites



    Couldn't make it to the Monthly Meetings? Don't worry, here are some recaps from both the July and August Meetings!


    Anthony Reed- Ten Leadership Lessons From Running Marathons On All Seven Continents

    Watch here

    Frank P. Saladis- Your Future As a Project Manager

    Watch here

    Joseph D. Launi- Introduction To Earned Value

    PM Soundbites

  • Nominations Open for the 2020 Elections

    Nominations Open for the 2020 Elections

    2021 / 2022 / 2023 Board Of Directors

    Nominations Open for the 2020 Elections

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