Crystal City Dinner Meetings

PMIWDC holds dinner meetings periodically in Crystal City to provide an alternate metro-accessible location for those who can not attend the Fairview Park dinner meetings.

PMIWDC's Monthly Dinner meetings are held monthly in either the Fairview Park Marriott location or the alternate Crystal City location. Members and Non-Members are welcome to join us for the best speakers and networking the Washington DC area has to offer.

The presentations delivered before (PM Tools) and after (Keynotes) monthly dinner meetings are educational and informative to those professionals operating in the field of project management and functioning in leadership roles in industry and government. Each event will present specific learning points, unique to the presenter's area of expertise and the subject matter discussed while directly relating to improving the practice of managing projects and leading others. Both the PM Tools session and the monthly dinner meeting are worth 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU) each to certified PMPs.

If this will be your first time attending a dinner meeting, be sure to read about the event schedule, costs, and cancellation policies.

  • CANCELLED: Project Management - A Health IT Executive's View



    Unfortunately this presentation has been cancelled as of October 1, 2015.



    About the Presentation:


    This award-winning presentation will describe how Blue Shield of California, realizing that Project Management skills were critical to the success of its strategy, conducted a full make-over of its Project Management capabilities, processes and culture, and integrated those into its operational and financial management for improved business outcomes.

    CANCELLED: Project Management - A Health IT Executive's View

  • Rebels At Work


    About the Presentation

    Struggling to make changes at work or convince management to take action? Ready to challenge conventional thinking or introduce a new idea, but worried about being viewed as a troublemaker or getting in way over your head? Rebels At Work provides concrete ideas, techniques and advice on how to refine your thinking, improve your approach to work, and manage yourself so you can achieve more and stay sane and optimistic in the process. Authors Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina -- successful and occasionally wildly unsuccessful rebels themselves, Lois at marketing agencies, Carmen at the CIA -- reveal ways to navigate corporate politics, frame and communicate ideas, deal with controversy, avoid common mistakes, and manage yourself so you know when and how to keep pushing and when to quit.

    Rebels At Work

  • December 2014 Crystal City Dinner: Leadership in Government


    About the Presentation

    Mr. Anderson has been invited to present on Leadership and Program Management. Mr. Anderson's presentation will cover the current topic of Leadership in Government and how it applies to Program Management and the delivery of program and services.

    December 2014 Crystal City Dinner: Leadership in Government

  • A Project Snapshot of the Washington Monument Renovation


    About the Presentation

    For the first time since 1934, the Washington Monument is undergoing renovations to repair damages caused by an earthquake on August 23, 2011. Project Manager Robert Collie will walk you through the project effort scheduled for completion in May of this year. This work has involved directing local construction firms and specialists in stone masonry and scaffolding while coordinating closely with the National Park Service and the staff of its National Mall and Memorial Park unit as well as the U.S. Park Police. The project received a 2014 Craftsmanship Award from the Washington Building Congress.

    A Project Snapshot of the Washington Monument Renovation

  • April 2014 Crystal City Dinner


    About the Presentation

    We pull into a parking space and turn the car off, or maybe we leave the metro and walk into our work place to face the latest project challenge. We do it every day. Some days we are smiling, some days not. On any of those days as leaders, are we considering, or even aware of our own leadership philosophy? Do Project Managers actively consider the philosophy that will likely govern the day, our reaction to both good and bad news and how we will treat the people around us? Maybe. Regardless, there is more. There is something that goes even beyond our philosophy; something far more noteworthy and certainly more permanent- our legacy. I would suggest that our own legacies are not foremost on our minds on any given work day as project managers and leaders.

    April 2014 Crystal City Dinner

  • February 2014 Crystal City Dinner


    About the Presentation

    Today’s project leaders need to dig out from the day-to-day minutia and break free from the conventional ways “we’ve always done it” and spend more time thinking about leading our teams into the future. This session allows PMs to step back from the trees to see the forest and lays the foundation for better strategic thinking within project teams, departments, and overall organizations. Participants will abstract out concepts to develop a long-range strategy to take back to their teams and organization.

    February 2014 Crystal City Dinner

  • Lessons in Negotiation


    It has been called the single most important negotiation of the 20th Century. With the benefit of hindsight, historical records and still emerging facts from the crisis, we can easily confirm this claim. This was crisis negotiation with the survival of mankind in the balance. World War III was hours away, tensions were mounting, confusion reigned, key players were tired and communications between the key parties were relatively primitive. Yet, we are here today, 50 years later. We survived and arguably, witnessed a true Win-Win outcome. We will explore the key aspects of the Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962, examine how this unanticipated and unprecedented "project" was managed and learn what turned this near catastrophic event into a resounding success.

    Lessons in Negotiation

  • Persuasive Presentations: The Force Multiplier for Project Managers


    About the Program:

    One of the great “Project Managers” of the later part of the 20th Century, Lee Iaccoca of Ford and Chrysler fame, said in his autobiography:


    I’ve known a lot of engineers with terrific ideas who had


    Persuasive Presentations: The Force Multiplier for Project Managers

  • MountainVision: Lessons Beyond the Summit


    About the Presentation

    MountainVision: Lessons Beyond the Summit takes the audience on a journey to high peaks around the globe, detailing the meaningful and exciting endeavors of mountaineer and adventurer Jeff Evans. These experiences have allowed Jeff to hone his skills of teamwork, commitment, leadership, and handling adversity which he shares in a way that is applicable to everyone in their business and personal lives.

    MountainVision: Lessons Beyond the Summit

  • 495 Express (formerly known as-I-495 High Occupancy Toll Lanes)


    About the Presentation

    Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) along with Fluor-Transurban are working together to provide key transportation improvements to the Capital Beltway in the form of new toll lanes. The new lanes, recently renamed “495 Express” are two new lanes in each direction from the Springfield Interchange to just north of the Dulles Toll Road.

    The 495 Express project includes replacing more than $260 million of aging infrastructure, including more than 50 bridges and overpasses as well as upgrading 12 key interchanges and providing new access points at Merrifield and Tysons Corner. When the 495 Express system opens in December 2012, it will provide the first high occupancy vehicle (HOV) and reliable transit options to the Beltway. The presentation will focus on an overview, update and coordination from the Department’s perspective.

    495 Express (formerly known as-I-495 High Occupancy Toll Lanes)

  • Special Forces Project Leadership


    About the Presentation

    Special Forces SealLong before he was the PMIWDC VP of Marketing and Public Relations, Mr. Bob Mahler was a Green Beret in the U.S. Army. From 1992 through 1998 he conducted military operations in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kenya, Qatar, Egypt and even Iraq. As a Special Forces communication’s expert on a military freefall team he was the team’s lifeline in the event of an emergency. Planning for mission-critical communications is a key part of the overall project success and an enabler for every other facet of the deployment.

    Special Forces Project Leadership

  • Recalculating! Little Changes Can Mean a Lot


    About the Presentation

    Do you feel like you’re headed down the wrong career path and you don’t know what to do about it? Are you wondering whether you should just keep going and hope things will magically improve? Do you think it’s too late to change and you’re too tired to try?

    Find out how you can change the direction of your career by making a few simple changes in your behavior, and what you can learn from the Washington Redskins.

    Recalculating! Little Changes Can Mean a Lot

  • PMOs unstuck! – Value Added and Business Driven


    PMOs unstuck! – Value Added and Business Driven


    PMOs unstuck! – Value Added and Business Driven

  • Crystal City Dinner - Branded!

    Dave Maurer

    Is This Who I Am and Is This What I Do?


    Crystal City Dinner - Branded!

  • Election 2009: The Morning After - The Hon. Tom Davis - The New Metro-Accessible Dinner Meeting

    Tom DavisThe Hon. Tom Davis, and Brent Bunn of the Crystal City Dinner Committee

    PMIWDC is pleased to offer its first Metro-accessible evening event: Election 2009: The Morning After featuring Tom Davis. This program is a must-see for Project Managers and PMO staff who want to get ahead of the curve and understand how political developments affect how they do business.

    Election 2009: The Morning After


    Election 2009: The Morning After - The Hon. Tom Davis - The New Metro-Accessible Dinner Meeting

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