Chantilly Local Community

Each month, the PMIWDC Chantilly Committee volunteers, bring you interesting and informative speakers from a wide range of professions. Meetings are held at the Sully District McDonnell Community room at 4900 Stonecroft Blvd, Chantilly VA 20151. 

Registration is free to PMI-WDC members and friends. Pre-registration is highly encouraged. Registration and networking begins at 11:30 and presentations begin at noon, lasting 45-50 minutes, allowing 10 -15 minutes for Q&A.  Each PMI member and friend receives 1 PDU for attending.

This is an opportunity to network with other professionals.  Pre-registration is recommended. Presentations are scheduled every second Thursday of the month. If you are interested in presenting, please contact the PMIWDC Staff, at, who can put you in touch with the Chantilly Committee Volunteers. 

  • Risk Management in Real Estate: The Role of the Title Company


    You'll learn about the important role of the Title Company in real estate transactions. Each transaction is a project for the title company, with each 'project' having a definite start and finish. You'll hear about the processes of determining title validity, title Insurance for Owners vs. lenders, the importance of secure communications, wire fraud avoidance, secure escrow, communications with other process stakeholders, including: Agents/Realtors, Buyers, Lenders, Sellers, and County recorders. Great information for all consumers and business owners who may ever buy real estate.

    Risk Management in Real Estate: The Role of the Title Company

  • Home Flipping: A Project Management Approach


    Have you ever thought about remodeling and "flipping" a house for profit? Come and learn first hand how Schroeder Design & Build team has incorporated home flipping as a profitable portion of their business. Project management processes and software tools are used to track requirements, resources, schedule and budget. You'll see some great before and after photos of some of their best projects.

    Home Flipping: A Project Management Approach

  • Economic Development - A Project Management Perspective


    Jan Mul, Director of International Marketing for the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (EDA) shares his approach to managing projects. Jan will share stories of how Fairfax County has attracted world class business to the area. Jan's primary role is to assist foreign firms with their market entry into the U.S and Fairfax County.

    Economic Development - A Project Management Perspective

  • Changing Spaces


    Two IT Professionals have transitioned from the corporate IT world to owning and operating their own "space based" logistics based businesses: Office Evolution Herndon and Staged Interior, Chantilly. Hear which project management skills these entrepreneurs are finding most useful in their new careers.

    Changing Spaces

  • How to Pass the PMP (or any) Certification Exam


    • Are you dreading taking (or re-taking) the PMP exam?
    • Do you have difficulty memorizing formulas?
    • Would you like to add additional certifications to your resume?

    The PMP exam is a valued certification and a requirement for many positions. The exam itself, however, can be challenging. Many people struggle with the exam, despite knowing the material. This session will help you understand the basics of learning the material for the PMP exam, memorization techniques, and ways to improve your chances of passing the exam on the first try. The techniques can be applied to any certification exam, and will help you manage your time, focus your attention and reduce test anxiety.

    How to Pass the PMP (or any) Certification Exam

  • Transportation Projects in Northern Virginia-Scoring, Prioritizing and Funding


    Jason Stanford, Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance (NVTA) will inform the Chantilly community about the Commonwealth of Virginia’s process to score, prioritize and fund transportation projects across the state. Participants will hear what projects have been funded and NVTA's recommendations for improving the process. Jason will also provide an overview of NVTA's approach to organizing stakeholders around transportation initiatives in Northern VA, and we'll learn what priorities NVTA has identified moving forward into 2019 and beyond.

    Transportation Projects in Northern Virginia-Scoring, Prioritizing and Funding

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