Bring Home the Bacon

Bring Home the Bacon


Larry Tracy

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Event Location

The George Washington University School of Business
2201 G St, NW, Duques Hall, Room 453
Washington, DC, 20052

Agenda and Cost:

11:30am - Networking
12:00 through 1:00pm - Presentation

This luncheon is free and open to the public. Advance registration is required to attend.

The Mission of the Orals Team in the Proposal Process.
This essay evolves from my November 4, 2010 PMTools presentation at the Crystal City Sheraton in Arlington, Virginia. In this first part, I want to explain (a) why proposal managers/writers and project managers must work in concert, not separately as is often the case. Then (b) I’ll provide advice to enable project managers to improve their presentation skills. This advice will be based on the methodology that is the heart of my executive workshops. In Part two, I will outline an integrated four phase process by which writers and presenters can develop contract-winning synergy.

Just what do I mean by “Bring Home the Bacon? “ Simply this: It’s what project managers are expected to do when they head an orals presentation team competing with other companies for contracts. Yet project managers are often brought into the proposal process relatively late. They are expected to win the business, but are not involved in developing the proposal. That, I submit, is not a way to win business

Proposal managers/writers and project managers must realize that their efforts are not separate elements of the bidding process, but instead are joined at the hip. The proposal and the oral presentation are not ends in themselves but instead interdependent means to achieve the end of winning the contract, especially as the oral presentation, spearheaded by the Project manager, can often be the deciding factor when the competing proposals are virtually identical in solving the customer’s problem.

In addition to being a member of PMIWDC, I am also a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), and spoke during 2010 at the International APMP Conference in Orlando, the Annual Conferences of regional APMP chapters in Boston and Atlanta, as well as the Annual APMP Conference of the United Kingdom in Nottingham.

I mention this because I brought to these proposal professionals the same message I am bringing to Project Managers: Early and continual collaboration between Proposal professionals and the Project Managers who must “Bring home the bacon” is the key to winning contracts

Although I am concentrating on how to compete successfully for a government contracts, the advice I am offering can be applied with equal validity to commercial opportunities To paraphrase Frank Sinatra, “if you can sell to the government, you can sell to anyone.”

PDUs Available: 
1.00 PDUs for Certified PMs

About the Speaker

Larry Tracy

President Ronald Reagan described Larry Tracy as “An extraordinarily effective speaker.” He was an Army colonel assigned to the State Department debating controversial foreign policy issues throughout the country. He is now cited as one of the top presentation skills trainers/coaches in the country in publications such as the Information Please Business Almanac and Sourcebook, published by Houghton-Mifflin, Best of the Best, published by Insight Publishing, and What to Say When… You’re Dying on the Platform, published by McGraw-Hill. 

His own book, The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations, published by Imprint Books, distills the techniques he teaches in his executive workshops. It has been cited as must reading for “those aspiring to the C-Suite” by Mark Amtower, the Washington D.C. area’s leading authority on winning government contracts in his book Selling to the Government.

Larry trains corporate teams to deliver winning oral presentations for government and commercial contracts. He also conducts workshops for  executives and managers in federal agencies, including “Briefing Training” for the Navy’s Seal Team Six, showing the Seals how to brief Ambassadors and Embassy country teams.

His coaching is not derivative classroom theory, but instead flows from his “real-world” experience. He served as Chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Presentations Branch--the Pentagon’s top briefing team--responsible for daily intelligence presentations to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his three-star staff. Larry supervised and coordinated over 500 of these multi-media, multi-screen briefings, and delivered almost 100 of them personally.

In a later assignment to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, he was deeply involved in formulating US policy in Latin America. Because of his speaking skills, the White House directed the Army to detail him to the State Department. He subsequently spoke and debated almost 400 times on controversial foreign policy issues before some of the most demanding, even hostile, audiences in the country, leading to the comment from President Reagan.

He is a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), the Project Management Institute (PMI), The National Speakers Association, and the International Speakers Network. He has delivered  two PMTools sessions to PMIWDC, the first in 2009 on how to conduct a “Murder Board,”and the second in November 2010 on how Project Managers can “Bring Home the Bacon” when leading  oral teams. Both presentations are available on the PMIWDC website. He has spoken at APMP Conferences throughout the US and  in Engand on why any “wall” separating Proposal Managers and Project Managers leading orals teams must be torn down to increase the  chances of winning contracts. 

Tonight, Larry will outline his proven method to improve your presentation skills, providing attendees with easily learned speaking techniquesenabling them to gain “Buy-in” when presenting to bosses, team members and customers.

Larry is a graduate of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and  holds an MA from Georgetown University. He is also a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and the Inter-American Defense College. He served in Vietnam and in the US Embassies in Argentina and Bolivia. He speaks fluent Spanish, and conducts presentation skills workshops in that language.

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