Introvert vs. Extrovert: Business Strategies For Success

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Event Date
Start At : Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 11:30am
End At : Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 1:00pm

Time and Location:

Tysons Corner MonthlyLuncheon Meeting at
Tower III Conference Facility
Curie & Drew Conference Rooms
1710 SAIC Drive

McLean, VA 22102

Pre-registration is required. 1 PDU will be available for PMPs.  


  • 11:30 am: Networking begins
  • 12:00 – 1:00 pm: Program
  • Keynote Speaker: Valli Swerdlow


Free Program - No Cost to Attend

None. This Session is free of charge. Pre-registration is required.

About the Program:

Introvert vs. Extrovert: Business Strategies For Success

Is it just me or have you ever wondered whether the media’s coverage of these two groups in corporate America, introverts and extroverts, is accurate? It seems to be slanted, portraying extroverts in a more positive light, being sought out as leaders, being included in statements such as the “sky is the limit” and “shoots for the stars”, and being what most people should strive toward. The term introvert has been depicted in more negative terms; someone who wants to close his or her door to the world, use solitude to problem solve, is nerdy and not as promote-able nor eager to attain notoriety. For example, have you ever met an extrovert whose goal was to become an introvert? I haven’t. How about an introvert wishing to become more extroverted? Yes, that I have heard of.
Yeah, yeah, it sounds simple and you probably heard it before that the terms “introvert” and “extrovert” describe where a person gets their energy.  Introverts re-energize by being alone and extroverts by being with people. But perhaps those descriptions are too simple and don’t tell the whole story.
As professionals we say that we want to encourage creativity, innovation, and inspiration. How can this be done unless we understand each other’s strengths and build upon them? How can we encourage communication within these two groups and foster an environment where we can work together and be on the same page? If you answered yes, or agree with any of the statements above, then this workshop is for you!
The presentation will cover:
  • Why it is important to identify whether you are an “introvert” or an “extrovert” and how it affects our working relationships with one another and influences your corporate culture
  • How self-awareness can take you to the next level in your profession and feel more confident that your style and strengths will be an asset to you as well as in your career path
  • Techniques for networking, interviewing for a new position, or moving ahead and growing within your current company or organization

About the Speaker:

Valli Swerdlow, MSW

Valli Swerdlow, MSW, an Executive Leadership and Career Coach, brings over 20 years of executive search recruiting, counseling, professional sales, client services, entrepreneurship and networking skills to her work at VALLI Associates

She is known as a speaker, facilitator, columnist, and workshop leader who has appeared as a guest on both TV and radio. Her clients have included global, international companies as well as nationally recognized industry players. She has effectively built a deep and broad network of industry contacts that allows her to be on top of the latest developments in a rapidly changing landscape.

Valli is a certified coach through the Leadership and Executive Coaching Program at the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. She received a MSW degree (Clinical Therapy with individuals, families and groups) from Boston University and a BS in Business from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). In addition, she is a certified Reach Personal Brand Analyst as well certified to administer a variety of assessments which include 360 instruments for professionals, corporations and individuals. Valli also is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the largest worldwide resource for professional coaches, and the source for those seeking a coach. She is a former board member of Metro DC PFLAG, oversaw all the groups in MD/VA/DC, and is a support group founder and facilitator.

On a personal note, Valli truly lives her belief that education, adventure, and volunteerism are lifelong pursuits. She has modeled this in many exciting ways including earning her MSW in Clinical Therapy in mid-life. She is an avid traveler and is currently writing and illustrating a children’s book inspired by a trip to Thailand in 2009. Her illustrations led her to begin experimenting in painting, beginning with furniture and then moving to large canvases using acrylics and mixed media.


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