Successful Projects: What We Really Know

The Standish Group has published its annual CHAOS Report on the state of software development since 1994. The Report is often cited as a key metric for the industry's performance and progress and draws much attention. Analyzing the long-term trends provides an interesting perspective. On average only 29% of projects “succeed” and 23% “failed”. Over the past two decades, there has been little change in these headline results.

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Alan Zucker, PMP

Project Management Essentials

Alan Zucker has over 25-years of experience managing projects and leading project organizations in Fortune 100 companies.  He has delivered thousands of successful projects and managed major strategic initiatives.  

As a leader, Alan has transformed organizations.  He simultaneously improved client satisfaction while reducing the cost of project execution.  He led an Agile transformation that delivered significant, measurable benefits to the enterprise.

In 2016, he founded Project Management Essentials to provide training and consulting services. His areas of expertise are project management, Agile transformation, and leadership.  He is a keynote speaker and provides customized training to his clients.
Alan publishes monthly articles LinkedIn, Planning Planet, and Project Connections.  He is also a frequent contributor on Agile Alliance.

You may connect with Alan on LinkedIn at: or contact him at 

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